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    Haven't taken the time to thoroughly analyze but " it was over 5 weeks ago??


    Update #14 to Rasipedia: The final insult.

    1. Well, they have finally done it. The world's governments and central bankers have pulled out all stops, taken off the gloves, put on the brass knuckles, pulled out the chockos and are now trying to pummel the epic, global, systemic financial collapse into submission with, literally:

    Infinite Fiat

    That's right. Infinite Fiat will now be employed by TPTB to attempt to revive the moribund credit system.

    The Federal Reserve, acting in concert with virtually all other central banks worldwide, announced this morning that they will lend--without limit--to the failed financial gamblers, literally infinite fiat.

    The world's governments have simultaneously announced that they will be nationalizing all banks and financial institutions.


    So, after these two moves, there is literally nothing left to report.

    There is NO option beyond Infinite Fiat and nationalization of the entire world's banks and financial systems.

    Therefore, my work is done here.

    You're on your own now.
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