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Discussion in 'Bill of Rights' started by DMGoddess, Apr 4, 2013.

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    A FB friend posted this today, and said she was concerned about an 'extremist' group in her area. Now, she's pretty level-headed, so I'm not going to say she's being an alarmist. It just occurred to me that this kind of article will give the anti-gun lobby more ammunition (I know, not funny!)

    Opinion: Growing threat of extreme right-wing violence -
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    It is interesting that you posted this. I don't pay enough attention to the liberal brainwashing but I just had a conversation on this last week. Some extreme liberal was going off about how we need to get rid of all guns cause the greatest threat was the militia. This person was just wild in their statements. He was going off on how the McVeigh militia was out there plotting & planning and was going to get us. Please note it was one of those conversations where I nod and umh'ed but didn't bother pointing out untruths because why waste my breath. This link shows me that the liberal media must be working the liberals into a lather and promoting fear of the conservative folks.

    I feel that there are many out there that disagree with the gun bills that are being introduced around the country but they will not say anything. Sort of keep your mouth shut & your head down. Things are getting radical in these bills being introduced and many folks don't want trouble, they just want their freedom. Therefore people like the ones in the article are the ones that get the press coverage. Also, the press buries any story of a firearm saving someone.
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    Interesting points, and i agree for the most part. I did see something else that made me feel a little better, though.

    After Newtown, Gun Rights Gain Momentum In Many States - CTnow

    I know this has the Fox logo on it, and they're blacklisted right now, but it looks right. I'm still researching it.
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