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Discussion in 'Politics' started by DMGoddess, Apr 4, 2013.

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    Never mind that website, go here and see for yourself.
    zero is going just a bit deeper than FDR did, and is setting up the mechanisms ahead of need. Way too deep, in my mind, and he's delegated some of his actual authority to worms (unelected bureaucrats.)
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    You know, giving away authority is what got George III in trouble, back in 1776.
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    can you say "COMMIE BASTARDS"
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    Old news. That EO was signed a year ago. I remember the flap. This has been in place since 1950 and each president since Eisenhower has renewed it and typically added language to make it more specific and all-encompassing. At its inception, it was to keep American industry working in sync with each other for maximum productivity in case we needed to fight another WWII type conflict. But due to government growth/corruption over the subsequent years, it has the feel of (and would probably used for) "I'm going to declare a national emergency so I can set myself up as king/dictator and enslave all those ignorant Americans that keep fighting against what I know is good for them".

    This is a case of never create a government agency/program to accomplish a laudable goal while people of good character are in power that can later be abused by evil/corrupt people to enslave you.

    Still, I agree with Rabid: Commie Bastards!
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    IIRC didn't the Klintons do something similar ?
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    This is brilliant timing on behalf of our current President. 4 seperate orders issued that if congress wants to oppose them they must come back from vacation and issue 4 seperate injunctions to stop these.

    Look at the ones Trump signed the first week in August
    Presidential Actions | The White House
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