More Food Buckets! Check the Lindon Farms BIG DEAL!

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    There's no question anymore ... preparedness is about survival, and this could very well be a near-term issue the way things are shaping up out there. We're doing all we can to crank-up the bargains and deals for you to make sure you're as best situated as possible.

    The deal we are posting today is a great example ... the Lindon Farms BIG DEAL. This offer includes a one-week variety meal bucket (20 year shelf life), plus your choice of a meat bucket (15 year shelf), AND a GoalZero SOLO LED flashlight ... at 19% off for the package.

    Reminder: Most of our Food Supply Depot and Food for Health International buckets (20-year shelf life) are 15% off ... and for members, 32% off!! There are 15 unique buckets to choose from.

    Shop our Bucket List Sale here today.

    Advisory: Price Hike Soon on the Mountain House
    25-Year Variety Buckets

    Come April 1, producer prices on the Mountain House pouch buckets are going up. These MH buckets are filled with some of the best selling freeze-dried food varieties in pouches ... tested to last 25 years on the shelf! Two bucket varieties to choose from, or select both. Free shipping and member discounts DO apply.
  2. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

    You might also check our new Apocalimericks contest ... look for link top left of every store page.
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    There was a young man from Pawtucket
    Loaded some food in a bucket.
    The tide came on in,
    it went for a swim,
    and fetched up on a beach on Nantucket.
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