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  1. tacmotusn

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    The following in Black are not my words. These were purloined from another source. I found it an interesting take on the possible upcoming events in our dear country.

    The second the left goes after the 2nd Amendment; this whole powder keg they don't even know they're sitting on goes off.

    I feel sorry for them. I really do. Disease and Starvation. Untold amounts of human deprivation and devastation. All because they could not and would not pay attention to the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

    I mean, after they're attempt to deprive us of our rights, don't we having an equal and opposite right to deprive them of they're rights. Am I not right?

    Simply stating; if we're not afforded the rights guaranteed to us under the Constitution of These United States, to include the Bill of Rights; then why should we afford those same rights to those who would deprive us of those same rights? Yes?

    Cut off the cities!

    We deprive them of food; as they would do to us.

    We deprive them the right of transportation and commerce; as they would do to us.

    We deprive them the right to keep and bear arms. AS THEY WOULD DO TO US!

    We strip them of everything they thought they had a right too. And leave them begging for food and forgiveness.

    Then dispense it with righteous indignation. As they would do to us.

    Make no mistake. This is what they have in store for us. And I see no reason not to visit it upon them first; before they visit it upon us.


    Some food for though there. I found some of the ideas interesting and informative. I hope we don't come to this, but think highly of the thoughts of our founding fathers, and the Constitution! [flag]
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  2. Seawolf1090

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    Yep, storm is coming.......

    I pity those who will remain in the Big Cities........ imagine Stalingrad in 1942, a hundred times over.......... [shtf]
  3. Brokor

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    Nah, as soon as we all have free ObamaCare, all our problems will magically "disappear". :p
  4. Tango3

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    Interesting idea but; Ever heard of the" berlin airlift"? cutting off cities aint the effective medievil strategy it once was...
    we'd have better luck falling back to montanna, setting up a guarded perimeter on the stateline rebuilding "
    our" world as it was intended,and removing fedgov lackeys... and then deny access to the ones who ruined the first iteration...
  5. Seawolf1090

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    Ah, the "Tri-states Philosophy"......

    It'll mean a fight to make it happen. I'd be willing to retire early and join them! [freedom]

    As to the cities - I could see them becoming little 'baronies', each a bastion of Liberal Elitism on a fuedal scale, "City-States" as it were. We The People inhabiting the 'wild lands' outside their enfluence. With a reduced population, they might hang on. Until rampant disease brings them down. :rolleyes:
  6. Minuteman

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    Where are you Ben Raines?
  7. 73AussieFordguy

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    Hello everyone.

    The majority of the US population during the great depression lived in rural areas. Barter, growing vegetables and raising animals was the norm, even during those bad times Americans displayed civility, it was the norm.

    Now project forward to 2009, 90% of the US population lives in the urban environment and the majority have no concept of where there food actually comes from. There is a SERIOUS disconnect from basic survival skills.

    The civility of the 1930s will be something that resembles a wild pack of animals if society takes the big flush today.

    Look back to the Rodney King riots and the actions of the mob rules masses after Katrina. If you are in a rural area and think you are safe, think again. Take a guess at where the masses from dense urban areas will go, rural America.

    Some of us arent lucky enough to live in rural America, we cant hunt, nor can we fish BUT we sure the hell can prepare for disaster, man made or otherwise.

    Firearms, ammo, reloading supplies, long term storable food and atmospheric water generators with solar power to run essentials. If a disaster hits, I have to go in bunker mode, interstates will be packed and looting will be the norm after a week or so. I have enough long term storable food for my wife and I for 24 months and non hybrid seeds to grow food. My home town is considered small out here, you ready.....80,000 people. We are semi-rural, dairys, mellon fields surrounded by MASSES of track homes.

    Americans of this generation have never been hungry, what happens when your Ipod wearing, Prius driving yuppie neighbor begins to feel hunger paings and his food is rotting in his refridgerator after the big flush? That's the guy who would be willing to kill you for a full belly, the same guy with the Greenpeace sticker and who throws the peace sign when you wave to him. LOL.

    Preperation is the key to survival, that's the old mantra from my Army days and applies to my life today. Preparing for disasters is a form of physical insurance, better to have it and not need it than need it and........well you know the rest.

    Sorry bud, my family comes first.
  8. overbore

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    Since I have about 40 years of flying experience for Uncle and a Major Carrier, shutting off the fuel to major airports in a city is a cinch. I do have some un-fond memories of tankering fuel into ugly places-- not condusive to retirement-. Glenn Beck will not say it but I will, so pump the handle Boys-= we are going for max. --- The marxist traitors who have now exposed themselves to be exactly what and who they really are, have also exposed their here-to-fore nefarious plans to seize control of the key elements of this nation through the guise of an emergency of their own creation. What I am saying is that their ultimate plan is to get control of as much as possible through stealth legalisms as we have seen with banks, cars, stimulus and now healthcare all designed to field an army of bureaucratic operatives who will next plan firearm confiscation as the last necessary step to them becoming another Chavez Dictatorship. Each and every dictatorship has come to that last necessary step- disarm the populace- as the final barrier to their power grab so we must not give our strengths away by action too early. As he said in the Patriot "Soon, very soon". But not now. Ok so when you ask? Since I may not be here to type a warning, the serious answer is: 1 when you see the marxists being armed, 2 foreign forces arriving 3. A State of Emergency" being declared by the obimanation 4, Banks being closed for a holiday 5, An attack on us, our homeland, assinations, mass arrests etc. 6. Emergency powers being enacted by our military and or 7. Any unconstitutional acts such as shutting off talk radio, Fox News, news blackouts etc. REMEMBER THAT TODAY IT WAS DISC0OVERED THAT LIBERALS USED ONE OF THEIR OWN OPERATIVES TO STAGE A FAKE ATTACK ON ONE OF THEIR OWN OFFICES, THEREBY FALSELY BLAMING THE CONSERVATIVES. To that scenario add this:"It is the Plan NOT the Man". By that I mean that the obimanation is an empty suit, a talking head, an expendable in their eyes, not the mover and shaper of long existing plans of others such as Soros. If they take him back, who gets the blame and then what confiscation plans are enacted??? Now, Bunky , do you see the light?? Laus Deo overbore
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