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    It is amazing the little things that usually never get mentioned that were critical to the successful winning of the Cold War. The A-12 was flying in the early 1960's, and was the forerunner of the SR-71.
    Interesting info on how they did things back in the 60's, like transporting a top secret plane to Groom Lake for testing. The planes are very large, and were top secret, but had to be moved from the Lockheed Skunkworks production facility in Burbank to Area 51 in Nevada without anybody knowing what was under the coverings. Great photo story.

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    A friend of mine, who was 3 years older or so, did photo anaylisis in the airforce of the recon films these things shot. This was during the vietnam war. Seems as if these fantastic unique jets did a quick refuel in Kadena Japan and dropped off film there. Prior to his stint in the service he taught me one hell of alot about wingshooting. Quail, doves, pigeons, crows, pheasant, ducks and geese. Later after his service time he was a sales rep and shooter for Winchester. I aught to look him up. His name was Gary Goodpaster
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