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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, May 14, 2012.

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    Why Did a Culpeper Cop Kill a Retired Sunday School Teacher in a Church Parking Lot? - Hit & Run :

    Widower files $5.35 million suit in Culpeper PD shooting | Star-Exponent

    No dash cam?

    What did the officer's clothes look get dragged for just 5 feet and your clothes are going to show it.

    What about the bruising on the arm where he was caught.

    Notice how the justice system looks out for its own: never releasing the name of the officer (for 3 months). Yet, George Zimmerman was thrown to the dogs.
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    Yeah, I can get really worked up over bad cops abusing people. The thing is, and I believe the LEO's who are active here might agree, that no good can come out of a broken system. It is corrupt to its core and fundamentally flawed. The good cops are constantly fighting to stay on the right path, while the majority are steadily headed toward jack-booted thuggery and enjoying the power trip. I understand how it's easy to look down at people, especially if an officer has to work in the penal system -they get to witness the bottom of the barrel and it isn't too long until every citizen resembles this garbage in some way. Of course, it takes a strong will and a passion for justice to remain on the path of "virtue"...

    That being said, we don't need police at all. We need better "civilians".

    It really grinds me to see people being beaten and tortured by police. Most of these cops only get a paid vacation and a routine investigation, essentially a slap on the wrist for beating or murdering people. A few get prison...but not enough. The system is broken, and nobody seems to have the tools to fix it. I say we have too many police and too many laws. The law enforcement business is just that -a business. They are set up as corporations, actually. You can verify this at Dunn and Bradstreet by looking up any agency, federal, state or local. The corporations will always protect their own, to do otherwise is not profitable.
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    This is why I fight. It's one of the reasons. This cannot continue and it cannot escalate. This WILL NOT continue!

    Police Hunt Man for Sport! - YouTube

    Very few things make me sick to my stomach and well up with tears. Hear him crying for help? Hear him you disgusting bastards? Yeah, you WILL be judged one day, I promise.

    (I have to edit this for all the HACKS and tools out there who might want to use this against me. I don't threaten people. This was not a threat. I know with every fiber of my being, with my blood boiling in my veins that monsters like these police who beat this man to death and left a pool of blood behind WILL become a necessary history lesson for an advanced and noble people in the future. I know this because humans tend to crave freedom -even though it takes us a while to see it, even though we must first endure torture and ridicule and persecution. And standing on the precipice of change, we will gather our resolve and let loose our battle cry and win back our liberty, or we will die trying. This is not only a telling of our future to come, it is also our past and our heritage. So, to all the informants, government lacky's, mind controlled zombies, and agents of evil...I will remind you that I am one voice of many who say NO. No you will not torture and kill us. No you cannot take my freedom. No you will come no further! )
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    that video is just horrible, they will get theirs someday. everyone always does.
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    Loss for words... just anger..
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    What is hurts us as L.E.O.'s is I have spent most of my carreer fighting where some duma$$ who shouldn't have had a mall security badge has went out and abused the public. To the general public if one officer does it they all do. I not going to lie I have had to fight in situations where it was me or them and I enjoyed it. I am a Alpha Dog and have kick boxed sinse I was a young boy now that Im older I heal alot slower and hurt alot more than I use to. But that was me or them I had to, It eats my soul up to see some P.O.S. go out and abuse the public. I have never and will never give them my respect or consider them to be L.E.O.'s they are punks and need treated like punks. I have been on mulitple calls where I have had to fight someone and hurt them and get hurt. I always ask why the hell did you do that and the answer is just about always the same well your buddies handcuffed me and beat the hell out of me so this time I was going to get mine first. Now I guess you are going to take me back to the office and finish the job. I never do and I try and show them all of us are not like that and have made some friends along the way. Where Im from and Cepus will tell you in these hollors some guys just like to fight and after it's over it's over and as for me I have no problem with that and showing I have a job to do, Im not going away without my prisoner and Ill fight til he sees the picture in the long run. Several times Ive had some of these old boys almost educate me but I was there, I didn't bring five others with me and when it was over I still treated them like men. I have never beat a man handcuffed, I don't cuss them and treat them like trash, (except child molesters and ones who abuse the elderly) Ill talk all kinds of $h!t to them and when Im around I dont let other officer treat them bad and abuse them. Enough of me rambling on these guy's make it hard and dangerous for the rest of us. People can only be treated so bad for so long before the kill someone and they dont see individual officers the see uniforms. Officers who abuse the public should be treated as the criminals they are. I have never considered my self to be the law, I am a Deputy, I enforce the law and I must live with in the law that I enforce. I am not above the law thats where the system starts to fall apart. i am a firm believer A man can not enforce the law if he can not live with in the law. The ones who do are criminals just like the street thugs. Now I have pushed and bent the law just a litle and that has aways been do to protect and do what my citizens ask of me and needed. I dont wear a seatbelt so when we get the ticket or clicket overtime I dont work it and dont write tickets for it. I don't let the Deputies who don't wear seatbelts work it. The public see that and resect that now the other depts well diff story and the public see that too.
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    Being a LEO is a tough job. Everyday, you just never know what you'll face and you get paid jack$h!t compared to the risk.

    While I think LEOs have to have moral character beyond reproach, I don't think I would ever frown upon a LEO protecting themselves or teaching some POS a lesson for spitting in their faces.

    Those acts are different than what apparently happened above. Obviously, I wasn't there...didn't see it, but given the totality of circumstances, the truth needs to found out and dealt with. Bottom line, you have an officer who shouldn't be on the force (because he will screw up again and make the dept. look bad) or needs to be cleared of everything so he can move on.

    It seems the trend is becoming that many newer LEOs see the public as "the ENEMY." This guy has been on the force for 5 years...not very long, but long enough....and, he's on the VA State Troopers. That is the big league when you're talking law enforcement in VA--they just don't let anyone in.

    The main concern any citizen should have is whether or not a LEO can handle being disobeyed. I spoken with some LEOs and some of them have a very violent reaction to being disobeyed. "I told you to ______, how dare you disobey me." Then, let the beating commence. You make me chase you, you're going to pay for it. If it happened the way the witness said, then it sounds like the officer killed a woman because she disobeyed him...not because he was under threat.
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    LEO like Alpha are few and far between. The people skills are now tossed out the window and it is more about the power. Seems like the older ones have more respect for the public and the younger generations seem to want things handed to them, and if it isnt handed to them.....
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    One bright point is that when society rebuilds after it falls it will be protected by the LEOs who took the side of the citizens.the others will have been "done away with".We will always need the rule of law but it must be a just and equitable enforcement. My small town has, for the most part, LEOs such as Alpha Dog. Grateful for that.
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    We need more sheepdogs like Alpha, that's for sure. We could definitely go for a few less bullies with badges.
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    That would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater. After the dust settles experienced LEOs will be a definite need. As I said the bad seeds will be gone and those left will have more respect than a vigilante. Not the least important will be their knowledge of the law, who was trouble, who wasn't. Town police and constables (in my state elected by county district) will go a long way toward keeping peace. We after all are humans with all our failings. Won't ever be utopia and never was. I vote for an honorable police force.
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    This is what we have to worry about:

    FEMA Says Founding Fathers Are Terrorists - YouTube

    FEMA training local law enforcement in counter terrorism, citing the founding fathers were terrorists. This type of conditioning is actually more common than you might think. Who do you think the police are going to go after? They are already doing it right now.
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    I think if we would outlaw politicians the need for L.E.O.'s would probally be greatly reduced. Let the communities hadle the crime and punishment of their own. Do away with all the usless laws and go back to an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. When you have a communtiy ruled by it's citizens and the laws of the land enforced by the citizens you have alot few repeat offenders. It always bothers me to see victims set in court day after day then get abused by some slimy defense attorney and the suspect gets a fine he is not going to pay and probation. Let the victim handle the punishment that way he gets a little justice he or she was the one wronged not the judge or court system. Over the past 20years the court system has become a money racket for the goverment they don't care what the victim wants or feels. I see it every day if we could go to this type of society where the criminal is judged by the citizens I would take a job as a punisher or exicutioner. Then I would be a true service to the community I serve and would sllep just fine. I think this comment has just labled me as anti-goverment and anti-social another list for me I guess.
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    This is how it was during the days of the Post Antebellum years of westward expansion, or what Hollywierd today calls the Wild West. The crime rate in Denver today far exceeds the crime rate in Denver during that same time period, yet we call that time period "wild".
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    UPD officer Keith Smith fired over handling of traffic stop |

    ^whats more^

    University of Florida Police Officer Keith Smith, who last year shot a doctoral student in a case that led to protests and calls for his dismissal, was fired from the department Thursday after threatening to shoot a 20-year-old man he had pulled over for reckless driving.

    he was also written up for egging prostitues on campus...but claims he didnt throw eggs out of the car he was in....because he was too drunk to throw them.
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