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    *Our Phones ~ Wireless

    *Cooking ~ Fireless

    *Cars ~ Keyless

    *Food ~ Fatless

    *Tires ~ Tubeless

    *Dress ~ Sleeveless

    *Youth ~ Jobless

    *Leaders ~ Shameless

    *Relationships ~ Meaningless

    *Attitude ~ Careless

    *Wives ~ Fearless

    *Babies ~ Fatherless

    *Feelings ~ Heartless

    *Education ~ Valueless

    *Children ~ Mannerless

    Everything is becoming LESS but still

    our hopes are ~ Endless.

    In fact we are ~ Speechless

    And Congress is - CLUELESS!!

    And our President is – WORTHLESS!!
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    interesting points
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    im a yankee by birth and cajun by the grace of god
    i move down here wen i was 24 and atarted mt family
    with 3 beautifull kids and a wonderful wife and ni never realized how much it meant to me to here a child say mama and sir
    thats is one thing i will loose it over on my kids is disrespect...
    justmy honest opinion
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