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More online survival reading

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by melbo, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Link from a link from another link - originally posted at GLP here:

    Hint: For the ScribD links, hit fullscreen and then zoom in once the document loads. Makes for much better reading.

    Though most of these are taken from the "Treasure" book list, I am putting them in this new Recession Proof GLP thread for ease of finding. They are organized into categories. If you like what you see, check back occasionally, because I will add to them, but will put additions at the foot of each category (in a new color) rather than on a new post.

    These are what I consider to be, essential or very helpful books and information (all free downloads) for the times we're living in and coming into rapidly.

    Gardening, Wild Foraging and Self Sufficiency

    The City People's Book Of Raising Food

    Encyclopedia of country living Carla Emery
    http://www.housegate.net/woodvival/manualistica/The Encyclopedia of Country Living.pdf

    The complete book of self sufficiency by John Seymour
    http://www.housegate.net/woodvival/manualistica/The complete Book of Self Sufficiency.pdf

    Vegetable Gardening Encyclopedia With Special Herb Section
    Vegetable Gardening Encyclopedia

    Gardening Without Irrigation - Dry Farming
    Gardening without irrigation — Dry FarmingOrganic Gardening with a common sense approach

    Intensive Gardening For Profit And Self Sufficiency

    Joy of Gardening- by Smith

    Indoor Gardening Secrets
    [Indoor Gardening Secrets]

    Wild Edibles - Nutrition & Medicine
    http://www.hourofthetime.com/1-LF/Wild Edibles-Nutrition and Medicine.pdf

    Herbal Manual - Herbal Medicine 1936

    Culpeper's The Complete Herbal
    Culpeper's Complete Herbal Alphabetical Index

    Edible And Medicinal Plants

    survival - how to make herbal preparations

    Edible Rooftop Gardening

    Handbook of Herbs and Spices, Vol. 1 - K. Peter
    http://vanveenorganics.com/ebooks/Herbs. Handbook of Herbs and Spices Vol 1.pdf

    Handbook of Herbs and Spices, Vol. 2 - K. Peter

    Culinary Herbs: Their Cultivation Harvesting Curing and Uses by Kains, M. G.
    [Culinary Herbs: Their Cultivation Harvesting Curing and Uses by Kains, M. G.]

    How-To Hydroponics - A HowTo Guide to Soilfree Gardening
    http://www.calgarycmmc.com/E-books/E- Books D-E-F-G-H/How To - Hydroponics - Keith Roberto.pdf

    bill mollison - permaculture design course
    [bill mollison - permaculture design course]

    Saving Your Own Vegetable Seeds
    [PROD6-Saving Your Own Vegetable Seeds]

    Organic Gardener's Composting by Steve Solomon
    Organic Gardener's Composting by Steve Solomon

    Growing & Curing Tobacco

    Organic Tobacco Production
    The natural way

    grow organic potatoes
    [growing potatoes]

    Home Composting Bins

    Organic Insecticides For The Garden; Home & Garden

    [link to www.fastonline.org]

    An Integrated Fish Culture Hydroponic Vegetable Production System
    [link to www.fastonline.org]

    The One Straw Revolution _excellent (no tilling or plowing) permaculture
    The One-Straw Revolution

    Food Preservation _Cooking, Canning, Curing, etc.

    Preserving Food: Drying Fruits And Vegetables - Nutrition

    Complete Guide To Home Canning
    National Center for Home Food Preservation | USDA Publications

    Canning Meat, Wild Game, Poultry, & Fish Safely
    http://foodsafety.wisc.edu/assets/pdf_Files/Canning Meat, Wild Game, Poultry, & Fish Safely (B3345).pdf

    Preparing And Canning Fermented Food And Pickled Vegetables

    Every Step in Canning
    [Every Step in Canning]

    Small-Scale Food Drying Technologies

    Field Care Of Harvested Big Game

    How To Build A Wood-Fired Oven & Start A Home Bakery
    Build Your Own $20 Outdoor Cob Oven for Great Bread and Pizza

    Solar Cookers - Natural Living

    Earth-Friendly Cooking Technologies
    Capturing heat: Five earth-friendly cooking technologies and how to build them

    Solar Distillation & Water Purification

    Rain Water Harvesting
    [Rain Water Harvesting]

    How To Make An Upesi Stove

    Wood Conserving Cook Stoves - A Design Guide

    How To Make Liquor With Fruit And Berries

    Cheese Making Made Easy

    Cheese Making

    Canning Meat, Wild Game, Poultry, & Fish Safely
    http://foodsafety.wisc.edu/assets/pdf_Files/Canning Meat, Wild Game, Poultry, & Fish Safely (B3345).pdf

    USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning

    Guide 1, Principles of Home Canning

    GUIDE 2: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Fruit and Fruit Products

    GUIDE 3: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products

    GUIDE 4: Selecting, Preparing, and Canning Vegetables and Vegetable Products
    [link to www.foodsaving.com]

    GUIDE 5: Preparing and Canning Poultry, Red Meats, and Seafoods
    [link to www.foodsaving.com]

    GUIDE 6: Preparing and Canning Fermented Foods and Pickled Vegetables
    [link to www.foodsaving.com]

    GUIDE 7: Preparing and Canning Jams and Jellies
    [link to www.foodsaving.com]


    Handpumps for Domestic Rainwater Tanks
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Using Treadle Pumps
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Treadle Pumps _Non-motorized Irrigation
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Recommendations for Designing Rainwater Harvesting System Tanks
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Water Well Manual
    [Water Well Manual]

    Windmill Construction Manual

    Heating, Energy and Fuel

    Solar Water Heaters

    Water as Fuel
    [Water as Fuel]

    Run Car on Water - stanley meyer resonant electrolysis cell system collection
    [Run Car on Water - stanley meyer resonant electrolysis cell system collection]

    Homemade Batteries [2003, 14 Pages]

    Wind Energy Systems
    [Wind Energy Systems]

    Wood Burning Handbook

    Oil Drum Stove For Cooking And Water Heating

    Water Power For The Farm

    Pumping Water For Irrigation Using Solar Energy

    Generator Power For The Homestead

    How To Make Biodiesel Fuel
    [How To Make Biodiesel Fuel]

    Build Your Own Biogas Generator
    [Build Your Own Biogas Generator]

    Using A Biogas Digester
    [Using A Biogas Digester]


    Small-Scale Chicken Production

    The Homesteader's Handbook To Raising Small Livestock
    [The Homesteader's Handbook To Raising Small Livestock]

    A Poultry Mini-Manual

    Small-Scale Freshwater Fish Farming
    [Small-Scale Freshwater Fish Farming]

    Poultry a Practical Guide _Very old, Very excellent comprehensive guide
    [Poultry a Practical Guide]

    Hog trapping
    8 documents and trap plans
    [link to www.fastonline.org]

    Poultry raising gold mine!
    nearly 100 documents!
    [link to www.fastonline.org]

    Raising Rabbits start to finish
    [link to www.fastonline.org]

    Small Scale Dairy Production
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Why and How to Keep Dairy Goats
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Constructing a Simple Wooden Cart
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Making a Straight Hame Collar
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    Single Donkey Harness for Cart Pulling
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]


    Holistic & Alternative Medicine 101
    [Holistic & Alternative Medicine 101]

    Herbal/Medical Contraindications_ Using herbal remedies and pharma products: interactions
    [link to www.swsbm.com]

    Herbal Formulas for Clinic and Home
    [link to www.swsbm.com]

    First Aid Full Manual FM21-11
    [First Aid Full Manual FM21-11]

    Where There is No Dentist - Murray Dickson

    Where There Is No Doctor - A Village Health Care Handbook - David Werner

    Wilderness Medicine Course
    [Wilderness Medicine Course]

    Healing Pets With Alternative Medicine
    [Healing Pets With Alternative Medicine]

    Physicians Desk Reference: Herbal Medicines
    [Herbal PDRsmall]

    How To Treat and Heal Your Pet at Home?
    [How To Treat and Heal Your Pet at Home?]

    ONE MINERAL CAN HELP _Potassium Iodide
    [link to www.nogw.com]

    Ditch Medicine - Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies (1993)
    [Ditch Medicine - Advanced Field Procedures For Emergencies (1993)]

    Survival Manuals and Info

    Compact Survival Kits

    SAS Survival Guide

    Wilderness Survival (FM 21-76)
    [Wilderness Survival (FM 21-76)]

    Nuclear War Survival Skills
    [Nuclear War Survival Skills]

    USMC Winter Survival Course
    [USMC Winter Survival Course]

    US Marine Corps Summer Survival Course
    [US Marine Corps Summer Survival Course]

    Survival Attitude


    Kearny Homemade Fallout Meter
    [Kearny Homemade Fallout Meter]

    survival - personal wilderness medical kit

    Building Related _Survival Shelters and More

    Seven Survival Shelters That Could Save your life!
    [Seven Survival Shelters That Could Save your life!]

    Building With Stone And Earth - Part 1

    Building With Stone And Earth - Part 2

    Barn Plans And Out-Buildings (1886)
    [Barn Plans And Out-Buildings (1886)]

    How to build your own underground home
    [How to build your own underground home construction plans energy efficient save money secur]

    The Complete Book of Underground Houses _How To
    [Underground Homes]
    the manual of free energy devices and systems


    The Complete Manual Of Pirate Radio

    Crystal Radio Project

    Field Antenna Handbook
    [Field Antenna Handbook]

    Shortwave Radio _Build Your Own
    [Shortwave Radio]

    A Handbook On Shortwave Radio And LEO Sattelite Communication

    Shortwave 101 - How To Listen To World Radio

    Shortwave Radio Networking When Phones Fail
    [Shortwave Radio Networking When Phones Fail]

    Other Skills and Useful Info

    The Foxfire Books are simply some of the best old time skills books around!
    Foxfire One
    [Foxfire One]

    Foxfire Two
    [Foxfire Two]

    Foxfire Three
    [Foxfire Three]

    Foxfire Four
    [The Foxfire Book - Volume 05]

    The Foxfire Five
    [The Foxfire Book - Volume 05]

    Sharpening Small Tools
    [Sharpening Small Tools]

    Farm Shop And Equipment
    This publication offers suggested assortment of tools, special tools, and how to keep and care for them.

    Tools For Agriculture - A Guide To Appropriate Equipment
    Appropriate Equipment For Small Farms
    [Tools For Agriculture - A Guide To Appropriate Equipment]

    Soapmaking - How To Make Soap
    [Soapmaking - How To Make Soap]

    Village Technology Handbook
    [Village Technology Handbook]

    W.F. Vickery, Advanced Gunsmithing, 1940

    Manual Of Bicycle Repair

    The Formula Manual
    Make your own recipes for almost everything other than food.
    [The Formula Manual]

    Land Clearing
    [Land Clearing]

    Axe Manual of Peter McLaren
    [Axe Manual of Peter McLaren]

    Crosscut Saw Manual

    Basic Plumbing Skills
    [Basic Plumbing Skills]

    Basic Plumbing Course
    [Basic Plumbing Course]

    Hoppe's Guide To Gun Care
    [Guide To Gun Care]

    Pistol Preventative Maintenance Guide

    Emergency Sanitation At Home
    Interesting DoD publication from 1958

    Spinning With Simple Tools

    Introduction To Spinning

    Natural Dyeing Of Textiles

    Handloom Construction

    Blacksmithing Basics

    Practical Blacksmithing 1891
    [Practical Blacksmithing 1891]

    Farm Blacksmithing 1921
    [Farm Blacksmithing 1921]

    Alternatives To Portland Cement

    How To Make Candles
    [Candlemaking - How To Make Candles]

    Candle Making

    Hide tanning
    4 documents
    [link to www.fastonline.org]

    Pond Construction and Management
    about 50 documents
    [link to www.fastonline.org]

    Fighting fires
    [link to www.cd3wd.com]

    This is a great resource site for homesteaders, people interested in sustainability and survival techniques. There is so much here that the site deserves its own listing.
    Downloading directly from the site is free, but does require sign up and some information (including info on what you plan on doing with the materials provided). It's worth it!
    [link to www.itdg.org]

    This is yet another almost incredible information resource for all things homestead. It will take time, but is well worth the dig and everything is available for free download.
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  2. SLugomist

    SLugomist Monkey++

    Re: More online reads

    Now that is one beautiful online library.
  3. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Re: More online reads

    and I plan to convert everyone of them into PDFs so we don't lose them.
  4. dragonfly

    dragonfly Monkey+++

    Re: More online reads

    I'm gonna need a LOT of CD's or, a bunch of DVD's!
    That's what I call a LIST!
  5. RemoteC4

    RemoteC4 Monkey+

    AWESOME LIST! Finding a list like that is the number one reason I joined this forum. Thanks for that!

  6. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn Mosquito Sailor Site Supporter+

    Some of these links work. Others don't. The list is a valid wish list of info for a prepper, so I will delete nothing here.
    sorry about those links that do not work.
  7. tc556guy

    tc556guy Monkey++

    Have you checked those scribd links? Scribd is scrubbing its survival-type linked texts over the past few months

    "The list is a valid wish list of info for a prepper, so I will delete nothing here."

    I'd edit out the known bad links.

    I'll post my links list in case it can be of use to someone

    Publications and Educational Resources | Virginia Tech
    How ToMake Your Own Treadle Lathe by Steve Schmeck - eBook
    ESEE Knives - Randall's Adventure and Training

    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />
    Survivalist Forum - The Files Section
    http://www.canadianwildernesssurvival.com/Free Books & Manuals Index.html
    Health Care: Public Health Emergency Preparedness
    The Free Information Society - Media in eBooks/Other
    usrsog.org - Index page
    PHMSA - Library - Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)
    SHTF Info
    International Disaster/Fire Training Institute Library
    AusSurvivalist - Downloads
    Green-Trust -- FreeBook Download Page
    Doom Survival Guide - A handbook to survival in a post apocolyptic world
    Seaford Emergency Survival Website in Seaford Delaware - We must learn to take care of ourselves

    Not technically survival stuff, and there are certainly newer versions of most of these PDFs, but some of you might find a nugget or two you hadn't seen elsewhere:

    90th IDPG Manuals

    and heres a guy with a few files:

    4shared - free file sharing and storage
    and another site:
    Survival Files, Survival Primer dot com

    Integrated Publishing - Your source for military specifications and educational publications
    Seaford Emergency Survival Website in Seaford Delaware - We must learn to take care of ourselves
    Una raccolta di manuali di outdoor, sopravvivenza, bushcraft e vita all'aperto - Housegate.net
    Virtual Naval Hospital: A digital library of military medicine and navy medicine and humanitarian medicine and disaster medicine
    DERA Disaster Library, Newsletters, and Publications - The International Association for Disaster Preparedness and Response
    Health and safety on ships - GOV.UK
    Gardening ebook : Ministry of Agriculture Allotment and Garden Guides - 1945
    Downsizer: for a sustainable & ethical future - Your page was not found

    some car stuff, thought some might like it:

    not PDFs, but an interesting site:
    Survival Resources

    more of an academic site, but might interest someone:

    Directory Listing of /texts/
    NMSU: Extension How-To Publications
    AusSurvivalist - Downloads
    some stuff that might interest some people:


    Map stuff at bottom of page


    A few general PDFs



    A few PDFs on the right on this blog:


    Couple of rope-related PDFs here under the ebooks section for you knot/ rope fans:


    I've seen this elsewhere but never checked out this site:


    they have more docs here


    Some interesting documents relating to the mountain men that may have survival applications:

    We always see the US .mil FMs on the gun boards. Here is the Canadian equivalent stuff, in case anyone has ever wanted to look over their stuff:


    Some of this stuff might be of interest to someone; I include it mainly for the knot PDF's


    Entertainment Value only. For you zombie lovers




    I have no idea if any of this might be useful, but it looks interesting:


    DIY Gunpowder:


    Historical in nature, but you may find interesting:

    http://www.26nc.org/Articles/knapsack and blanket roll.pdf






    bunch of solar downloads here that might be useful to someone


    Information in here sounds interesting in the right context



    Some general prepedness PDFs from this site:


    I've steered away from posting links to other boards, but since this board seems to be hosting quite a few PDFs I hadn't seen elsewhere, I thought I'd make an exception. Registration is required, but no minimum post count required before you can download, as with some other boards:


    There are chapters 2 through 4 online; here is chapter 4, about saws:



    While the parent directory revolves around a particular medical issue, i thought there were some items listed here that might have some general medical interest:


    If you are into AKs, G3, etc, this guy seems to have a wider selection of manuals than I've seen elsewhere


    Weapons stuff

    Some non-survival reading

    http://www.bushcraftuk.com/downloads/pdf/essentials of archery.pdf

    Some planting PDFs on this site

    more interesting sites

    http://www.zianet.com/jgray/nessmuk/woodcraft/title_page.html pdf here:http://www.zianet.com/jgray/

    A few manuals for .mil heaters listed on the right side of the page
    Some PDFs and other info in there that might be interesting

    click on this guys' pics and it leads to PDFs on the topic:
    Not quite survival related, but interesting stuff:
    http://www.humanitarianinfo.org/darfur/uploads/idp/Cooking fuel - helpdoc by UNJLC.pdf
    http://bioenergylists.org/stovesdoc/Pcia/Design Principles for Wood Burning Cookstoves.pdf **spyware blocked as dangerous

    http://web.mit.edu/semenko/Public/Military Manuals/Single Files/

    medical info:













    http://www.canteenshop.com/free-bushcraft-resourceslinksvideos.html Scroll down for bush-craft videos and pfds





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  8. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    Apparently I didn't have the time to go out and grab those pdfs to attach here to this thread. It seems that most files have a shelf life of about 1 year a the most.

    Feel free to scrub the list as well as to gather the files...
  9. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    Scribd scrubbed well from what I can see. Even the titles that they appear to still be sharing are little more than the index page. If you scroll down a little bit beyond the forwards and such.... there's zip nadda nothing there. What a shame.
  10. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    I don't suppose anyone saved any of these PDFs before Scribd went on a scrubbing spree?

    Flame weeding for vegetable crops

    How-To Hydroponics - A HowTo Guide to Soilfree Gardening

    bill mollison - permaculture design course

    The City People's Book Of Raising Food

    Encyclopedia of country living Carla Emery

    The complete book of self sufficiency by John Seymour

    Cheese Making Made Easy

    Cheese Making

    Canning Meat, Wild Game, Poultry, & Fish Safely

    Small-Scale Chicken Production

    The Homesteader's Handbook To Raising Small Livestock

    A Poultry Mini-Manual

    Small-Scale Freshwater Fish Farming

    Poultry a Practical Guide _Very old, Very excellent comprehensive guide

    A Handbook On Shortwave Radio And LEO Sattelite Communication

    Shortwave 101 - How To Listen To World Radio

    Shortwave Radio Networking When Phones Fail

    Sharpening Small Tools

    Farm Shop And Equipment
    This publication offers suggested assortment of tools, special tools, and how to keep and care for them.

    Soapmaking - How To Make Soap

    Manual Of Bicycle Repair

    The Formula Manual
    Make your own recipes for almost everything other than food.

    <s>Axe Manual of Peter McLaren</s>

    <s>Basic Plumbing Skills</s>

    Basic Plumbing Course

    Blacksmithing Basics

    <s>Practical Blacksmithing 1891</s>

    <s>Farm Blacksmithing 1921</s>

    Alternatives To Portland Cement

    How To Make Candles

    <s>Candle Making</s>
  11. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    Anyone in the mood to be an experimental guinea pig>>>> ? Who wants to be the 1st to sacrifice his/her e-mail address to this site,

    PNG Food Plants book.pdf (8.1*M) - Free Ebook Download? Not me.... I'm too afraid of catching something and.... I don't need offers for Cialis or breast enhancers or worse showing up in my e-mail box but.... I did a basic search of titles at that free pdf site and they've got the majority of the PDFs that Scribd screwed us out of when they scrubbed.

    adding that's www.pdfdatabase.com

    Attached Files:

  12. tc556guy

    tc556guy Monkey++

    I have a good chunk of those I'd suspect, but without going into my external I couldn't confirm it at this hour.


    I hope that you guys are poking around the parent directories of some of these links you're posting. Lots of other PDFs on the sites. Such as :

  13. tc556guy

    tc556guy Monkey++

    Anyone done any research as to why they've done this?
  14. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    Oh... why does google "massage" our search results and why does Comcast restrict access to some websites entirely while many websites are strong-armed into making content go ***poof***>>>? I think if we all follow the money we'll know exactly why Scribd scrubbed.
    In post #10 I listed out what I'd personally like to get my hands on. Then I learned a trick of how to do strikethroughs from my kid!!! I edited that post and left only the PDFs I couldn't find then in the following post I added links to what I'd found for others to grab. These are the PDFs I lust for-

    The City People's Book Of Raising Food

    Cheese Making Made Easy

    Poultry a Practical Guide _Very old, Very excellent comprehensive guide

    Farm Shop And Equipment
    This publication offers suggested assortment of tools, special tools, and how to keep and care for them.

    Manual Of Bicycle Repair

    The Formula Manual
    Make your own recipes for almost everything other than food.

    Basic Plumbing Course

    Alternatives To Portland Cement
    If you can give me links to where I can download the above or add the PDF somehow to this thread.... I'd be most appreciative and.... I'm sure others would be too. I spent hours searching for what I was able to find that I listed out in post #11 and one more in post #12. That's about as far as my 1.5 hour adult education "learn how to search" class got me.
  15. tc556guy

    tc556guy Monkey++

    Have you looked through the long list of links I gave? I'm pretty sure that at least some of what you want is there. I might have gotten some of my stuff from links I don't have there, but there is a lot there to wade through, I know.

    Otherwise PM me an email address and if I have some of what you want I'll send them to you
  16. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    I went through your links one by one. ;) I could have missed some I wanted because I didn't recognize the file.... I realized when downloading that some sites were shortening or changing the name of the document. I will admit to skipping all the ZOMBIE "stuff" and the fire preparedness sites too so it's possible I could have missed them if they were tucked in there. I went over the list again and I think I got them all.... at least I'm pretty sure I did. The Survivalist Boards had quite a few I was looking for. I actually registered there 1st before registering here so I had an account and could download. I was really excited until I got their little pop-up that said slow down you're going too fast or something like that and next thing I knew I got a pop up that stated I'd exceeded my daily limit>>>>? Uh huh.... somebody must have set that limit because other sites don't even make you register to download and they don't cut you off after downloading 5. I did get what I wanted from them by going back like 5 days in a row which was incredibly annoying. That's them not you though.... there must be some method to the making us mad by limiting what we save to only 5 per day. What it is would be beyond me because I won't go back there again after that even if it's free. I've got too much to remember as it is without having to stick a sticky to my computer to remind me to go back to a website to get free downloads. This site you recommended had quite a few, SHTF Info. These were dead links, http://www.codenameinsight.com/resources.htm and http://www.swsbm.com/homepage/ and http://pages.suddenlink.net/abosch1/Coleman536StoveInstructions.pdf[/url. FYI, I registered at the Librum and they're not giving anything away free anymore. They're charging for PDFs and they link us to PayPal which I don't have. That must have changed since you last visited. I did like the paleo diet site. Very interesting.... I saved that. DelMarVa you've got listed a few times. They did have a few things I saved. Overall.... I'd give your list an A+.... not that I count at all but.... I ran into some things I'd never even thought of saving.
  17. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    Homesteading Catalog
    Three quality publications that I found at this website but… you take a look and see what might be of interest to you. Most are auto downloads but a handful do require that you provide a name and e-mail address for them to send you a download link. If you want to donate, you can. If not, they’ll still let you download for free. It’s ok to fill in your real name and e-mail address if requested to do so. It’s not going anywhere, they really do need it and they will send a link to you. This is the website where I downloaded ‘One Straw Revolution’ years ago. They didn’t gunk my computer and I never ended up on any mailing lists.
  18. tc556guy

    tc556guy Monkey++

    I appreciate the feedback!
    I admit that some of the sites must change addresses at the proverbial drop of a hat, so I appreciate feedback.
    As to the dead links, play around with the parent directories, such as

    Homesteading Catalog


    Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medicine Home Page

    The info is still there, just shifted around the site for whatever reason. I will try to update my list accordingly as I am able.

    I agree that the DL limits are annoying, but I imagine that no site owner wants to bear the expense caused by widespread downloading. Even the infamous Steve of Steves pages has a comment on his site about massive downloading IIRC.
  19. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Monkey++

    The Research Abstracts from the last 10 years available from that Michael Moore site you just added look AWESOME!!!
    I've spent some more time trying to find PDFs for these and couldn't do it so I'm probably going to have to "bug" you by taking you up on that offer to e-mail them to me if nobody can find a link to them or add the PDFs. That was very kind of you BTW.
    Here's what I couldn't find if anyone following this thread can help-
    The City People's Book Of Raising Food

    Cheese Making Made Easy

    Poultry a Practical Guide _Very old, Very excellent comprehensive guide

    Farm Shop And Equipment
    This publication offers suggested assortment of tools, special tools, and how to keep and care for them.

    Manual Of Bicycle Repair

    The Formula Manual
    Make your own recipes for almost everything other than food.

    Basic Plumbing Course

    Alternatives To Portland Cement
  20. tc556guy

    tc556guy Monkey++


    Check your PMs.

    I propose an alternate solution given the size limit your email provider has for attachments, and the offer is open to anyone else as well.

    I'll load what I have on an external and mail it to Equilibrium. Equilibrium takes what he needs and adds anything he has that I don't have. Interested parties post in the thread if they want to be included, and Equilibrium sends the drive on to one of them, hopefully starting with someone he knows or can vouch for. Same process occurs as many times as needed. each person who gets the drive scans it with antivirus both when they get it and before they send it on so no one claims that the process gave their hard drive a nasty bug. Last person in the loop sends the drive back to me.

    This will require some honesty on everyones part that they wont keep the information to themselves and a willingness to spend a few bucks on postage.

    Any interested parties, chime in.

    glad that you found that site useful. I always check the parent directories of any site that gets posted to see if there is other useful info I can use.
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