More Op-ED: How soccer made refugees Americans

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    Sometimes I think the people who author this shit are too focused on their studies and truly have no grasp of the bigger picture.

    (CNN) That the first blasts of last Friday's attacks in Paris were heard outside Stade de France should not be a surprise. The French were hosting a "friendly" against Germany, with President Francois Hollande sitting among the passionate soccer fans.

    From the massacre of the Israeli team at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 to the cancellation of the Dakar Rally in 2008 to the attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, sporting events have been prime targets for terror for decades.

    Tuesday, Germany canceled its own friendly against the Netherlands, citing "concrete intelligence" of potential bombs. Chancellor Andrea Merkel, who had planned on attending the game, affirmed that cancellation was necessary: "I was just as sad as millions of fans that this cancellation had to happen, but the security agencies took a responsible decision."

    FULL STORY: How soccer made refugees Americans -
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    What CAN be said?
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    I think the refugee's principal crime in the Op Ed, was that they weren't playing gridiron or baseball instead of disloyal! not to play the national sports. Obviously their subversion of Amerikan culture is working. :rolleyes:
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    Well you got to wonder when chelloveck hits it right on the head and gets it right the first time. Soccer should be banned! I mean what next? Eating snails? Snooty waiters? NOT ON MY WATCH!
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