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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Hanzo, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Since a friend of mine texted pictures to my of the new kydex sheaths that he graciously made for my German army knife and Victorinox OH Trekker, I dug out some older kinves that have not been in my EDC rotation for six months to six years. Some, like the farmer and the Scibeer farmer have sat dirty and used for so long that they were difficult to open. And wouldn't even cut paper.

    So you know what has to happen, right? They got cleaned and oiled until they were nice and smooth and I would eat what I cut with them. Then I sharpened them.

    Here's the trio. Rangerwood, Scibeer farmer (special scales, scissors and a pocket clip) and the old faithful alox farmer.

    After sharpening, carved curls in a hair.

    Zippo lighter and Scibeer farmer for scale.

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    That's a winning trifecta. Well done, sir!
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    Sharp looking knives there. I've been picking them up when I find them.
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    Here's a robust EDC...

    Scibeer Victorinox Farmer, ferro rod and Eagletac D25A Ti with 14500 battery. Was told it blasts 900 lumens on turbo, if I recall correctly. Very bright. But no more true moonlight mode. But AA batteries are scroungeable. And still throw out 200+ lumens with a super long moonlite mode.
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    I forgot that the Scibeer modified Farmer is called the Scibeer Stalker.
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    Great knives!!!
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