more Sandy Hook theories (need lots o tin foil)

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    After reading a very little before closing the window; I took the "Conspiracy Theorists Lunatic Fringe" to be a short but accurate "us in four words".
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    Well, the second link was pretty funny . . . that's why I put in the joke about Miss Cleo. However, I thought there were a few points in the first link that made some sense.
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    Does the ME usually direct traffic?

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    Perhaps you should talk to enloopious aboot the actors...
    No tinfoil hat required...just a snapping out of your MSM hypnosis.
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    La La La .. I'm not looking at anymore videos, blogs, nor images

    (sticks head in sand)
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    /me Carry on Citizen.

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    No. Columbine happened on Apr 20, 1999. The 94 AWB was already in place . . . it worked wonderfully didn't it.
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    I agree . . . can't take much more, but, it's like a car accident . . . you just gotta look. I wasn't into this conspiracy stuff until F&F. If something like that is going on right at the top, there's 500 more.

    The only thing that really bothers me is how they keep the cast from talking. People like to confess . . . to someone, bartender, hair-stylist, somebody. That many people keeping this under wraps--they must all believe very strongly in what they're doing
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    If you say so; but sense about what is the question.

    I belong to a private forum; where we are Veterans with a lot of different conflicts represented. This is what one of the crew posted on another site.

    As he is one of those who did the fighting; one cannot call him gutless for recounting what the loyalists and rebels do. He knows to prevent "paybacks" the families get killed also. Same thing happened during Revolutionary War by both sides and happened in every revolution since.

    It is similar to the picture of the South Vietnamese officer shooting the VC POW in the head. Although the destruction was shown it the back ground they didn't show the piles of dead civilians. The VC/NVA always executed civilians; I don't know why but they did.

    Fact: The average infantryman in the South Pacific during World War II saw about 40 days of combat in four years. The average infantryman in Vietnam saw about 240 days of combat in one year thanks to the mobility of the helicopter.
    So don't tell me I am lacking testicles.
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    Perhaps you and I are writing about different things. I was referring to the post that question how Lanza pulled off such a feat by himself with military precision. That is all.

    I don't know where this came from, but, I never said such, nor do I believe it. My father was in the Marines in Vietnam so I've heard the stories and seen the pictures.
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    The lacking testicles wasn't aimed at you. I've online for over 15 years and usually what I posted will garnish some comments; so I added what they are dealing with.

    The lady's husband was Paul Gomez, a well known firearm's instructor who died (I believe) last year. She's got passion, rage and fear. She will not lay down unless she is put down. Unlike so many of the talkers who have been talking for the past 15 years. If they want to fight, then stop telling others and go for it.

    I hold 0bama-Biden in extreme contempt because if trouble does begin, it will be their stupidity that initiated it. We won so do what we say is bs; try follow the Constitution or shut the hell up.

    By the "liked" I see motomom understood my point; I am sorry you took it otherwise. Personally, I am fed up with the endless talk.
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    I agree in one sense: quit posting videos of your ire--go do something about it.

    On the other hand, I think people like her are the vocal minority. There are 1,000s who aren't saying anything and are truly worried about confiscation and don't want any trouble, but are not going to give up any weapons. It is an anathema to all they know. And, if history teaches us anything from what the Nazis did to the Jews, you should not give them up.

    But, these issues didn't really have anything to do with that first link where the OP was asking questions as to how Lanza pulled off such an operation.
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    It isn't rocket science so the answer is simple, he killed his mother, grabbed some guns and went to the school and senselessly killed little kids and adults. As he was insane, all bets are off on logic, planning etc.

    One of how many web sites standing on the outside looking in formulating made up theories; if you have the time, feel free. I lack both the time and interest. It wasn't an "operation" do not dignify it by calling it an operation; call it what it was which is insanity.

    As they lie, nor will I believe the media, the police or the politicians.

    Here is my take, an insane person killed innocent people. People who are just as insane but in a different fashion, spun the actions of the insane into ban guns.
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    Sandy Hook hoax is falling apart - National Policy & Issues |

    Despite the fact that people questioning the official narrative has become one of the hottest media topics of the week, there's a very real possibility the right questions may never get asked in any meaningful way, at least not publicly. But with so many openly obvious anomalies, ridiculous coincidences and projected media falsehoods surrounding the event, people are figuring out what's actually happening on their own and hundreds of the largest media outlets around the country have had no choice but to talk about or, depending on who you talk to, attempt avoiding those circumstances to mostly avoid being seen as complicit.

    The Sandy Hook Cover Up – Full Movie: A well documented breakdown of the timeline surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. News, images, audio, commentary.
    That's because a massive outpouring of concern over why the media has refused to report the situation accurately has caused a tidal wave of indignation around the country. Those who have actually dared to look into what others are pointing out, regarding just how much has been left out or skewed by the media, is literally waking millions to a reality they thought they'd never have to contemplate. At least, not in the US. But years of Internet erosion and the endless open-flow of unabated information has allowed the dots to be eventually connected and money trails to be followed and enough puzzle pieces have been aligned allowing the tallest of the politically savvy to start seeing over the formerly insurmountable mountain of public persuasion known as the establishment-controlled, “mainstream” media.
    Once people actually go take a look, their initial feelings of anger toward “anyone who would dare disrespect the victims and their families,” by simply pointing out the obvious, quickly begins to turn into feelings of confusion and concern over such egregious misrepresentations of the facts. People can see it with their own eyes and, as a result, the Western establishment's media, on many levels, has been forced to address the growing reality that not everybody is buying into establishment propaganda any longer. As to be expected, what the media has done instead is go into damage control.
    Just as they've done in countless other similar situations, while treating its followers like children, they first attack outside messengers with derogatory terminology, calling those attempting to point anything out that doesn't jive with the official narrative conspiracy “theorists” and “racists,” etc., just before twisting and misrepresenting what's being pointed out and totally avoiding that which cannot be easily misconstrued or hidden. It's actually quite transparent and easy to see the pattern.
    In spite of what the media insinuates, rest assured very few ever want to believe the US government, or rogue entities within, would do such horrible things, not even so-called conspiracy “theorists.” No one wants to be forced to come to terms with their country not being what they thought it was. But when all the facts point to an alternate reality existing, as opposed to the one the media is forcing down everyone's throats, there's no choice but to start having second thoughts, regardless of how unwanted or stomach-wrenching those thoughts may be.
    Quite possibly the most obvious example would be to point out that the entire gun control “debate” hinges on the fact that “assault” weapons were used to kill children and staff at the school. Even though it was reported, complete with video evidence the day after the shootings, the only so-called “assault” weapon at the scene, which actually looks more like a shotgun, had been left in the trunk of the car, and was never used. (A car that ended up not belonging to the alledged shooter, Adam Lanza, or his mother after all).
    In spite of this bombshell information, the media as a whole (scriptwriters and teleprompter programmers) ran with the false assertion an assault rifle was used nonetheless and are still largely going with that fake reality today, especially on TV... Fully knowing that's not the case. Unless you just crawled out of bin Laden's cave for the first time, everyone's heard the constant drumbeat for gun “control” on almost every radio and TV station in the country, especially the argument that so-called “assault” weapons and large capacity magazines should be banned, despite not being used at the shooting. (Therefore, an assault weapons or large magazine ban would not have prevented the school shootings, regardless).
    Worse, many politicians in Washington, including Obama, also ran with it like solid gold, even going as far as producing a string of over 20 executive orders Wednesday to attempt banning American's right to own the type of weapons “used at the school.” Openly lying, misrepresenting the circumstances and using it all, including innocent, (naturally-gun-hating) children on the signing stage with him, to garner emotional support for the lie.
    Any takers on the chances Obama ever fesses-up to there never having been a so-called “assault” rifle inside Sandy Hook elementary school or why his administration sent literally 10s of thousands of the guns he now demonizes to Mexican drug cartels, south of the border?
    Every American in the country should be absolutely outraged beyond belief over just this one aspect of the tragedy's aftermath, even if an opponent to so-called “assault” weapons ownership (if anyone can honestly define the meaning of an assault weapon and what that looks like). If nothing else, simply for being manipulated into going along with a controversial political agenda. Especially one that more (adult) Americans statistically disagree with than those who support it. Unfortunately, that's only the beginning of America's tyranny problem.
    In addition to every post-Wild West statistic showing violent crime rates dropping in areas where gun ownership grew, one of the big secrets is that many alternative journalists are getting very good at knowing what to look for, recognizing patterns and seeing the signs that criminals leave behind. Just like old-school journalists used to do, prior to the age of mass-information manipulation. Back when they actually investigated and publicly analyzed every last piece of available evidence, instead of merely reading from, officially admitted, pre-scripted teleprompter copy, or a list of talking points given by “officials” on the scene, for a paycheck.
    When so many people see the easy-to-find evidence for themselves, by merely going online, typing in the appropriate search term and taking an honest and objective look at all the evidence, the ability for the media to merely say whatever they want and have control over the “court of public opinion,” is slowly turning into an open info-war over the psychological acceptance of what is seen as perceived reality.
    More examples show those who the media brands conspiracy “theorists” have pointed out the fact that a “crisis actor” seems to have been used for an alleged post-funeral interview and was caught laughing and joking before getting into character for the camera while live footage was rolling. But instead of addressing the more obvious example, the media created a diversion for those who refuse to go look it up for themselves, and instead focused on and made a big deal out of an entirely different individual that also seems, to those who have looked into the situation on their own, like just another crisis actor, just not quite as obvious and much easier for the media to attempt denouncing. Anderson Cooper's recent tirade is the example everyone is talking about and using as (laughably un-) “credible” material.
    The more startling examples, however, are the ones the media isn't really discussing very much, for obvious reasons. The arrest of a camouflaged individual running into the woods, away from the school, as officers arrived and the fact that the “crisis actors” and officers on display, for public consumption, seem to have been pulled from an active (school shooter) drill that was ironically being held right down the road at the exact same time, are themselves cause enough to be red flag worthy. They want you to buy the excuse this was all presumably innocent oversight, however. Simply another extraordinary coincidence, where a pre-planned government exercise turns into a conveniently live event, just like 9/11 on multiple levels, just like the 7/7 London bombings and just like Sandy Hook elementary school and others.
    Even though the likelihood even one of those situations going live in the exact same manner, at the same time and at the exact same location as a pre-set training drill covering the exact same scenario, much less all three, is so ridiculously miniscule you'd have a better opportunity of winning the Powerball three times. Nonetheless, if you happen to be aware of these circumstances, the establishment and its media push the idea it's all one giant coincidence and you're a conspiracy “theorist” a “racist” or a “right-wing nut-job” if you'd dare think otherwise.
    Never mind the instances websites and Facebook pages, blog postings, tribute videos and victims compensations sites were officially set up or mistakenly posted days and weeks in advance of the shootings.
    They also want you to believe it was just a coincidence that a massive medical drill was also being held at a local Denver-area medical school, at the exact same time the Aurora Theater shooting happened. The victims of which just so happen to have been watching a movie that referenced Sandy Hook on a map as a potential terror-target-area, who also happened to have just watched the world-premiere of a music video, moments before the movie and shootings began, showing a bunch of skeletons sitting in a movie theater. But that's all just coincidence too, officially.
    Officials in Giles County, VA know better than to believe it was mere coincidence however when they were made aware their name also appeared on the same Dark Knight Rises terrorist-target-area map and subsequently shut down the entire school district recently. I guess that means all the public and school officials in Giles County would have to be considered conspiracy “theorists” as well then. Even though it's ridiculous to assume even one of these situations, much less all of them, can be mere coincidence.
    The real problem is, an ugly, rabid cat is slowly ripping it's way out of a very tough bag and the only reason it's taken even this long to get out is because, deep down, no one really wants to see it (Stockholm Syndrome) and the establishment knows it and uses it to their advantage. What's worse is when people finally start seeing the animal that emerges, it's going to be more like a Mogwai (Gremlins) that Americans were fooled into giving a bath and feeding after midnight.
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    Worth the time to watch for sure. It's the best compilation to date I have seen.

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