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    er... "detention centers" in minneapolis
    descriptions of broken teeth, not enough bench space and and chemicals on the concrete floor causing welts and imflammation...
    ( Possibly dusting the cell floors with pepper spray or some other blistering chemical ??? that's just evil, and probably against the geneva convention..)

    "Sebastian Licht said he was out celebrating his 22nd birthday, not protesting, when police arrested him. While at Pier 57, his skin reacted heavily to the chemicals on the floor. "I had welts all over me. My legs were swelling up and I had blisters on my feet and hands." Licht said he had to plead to the police for hours before receiving any medical attention.
    Andrew Gunn, 24, a radio engineer from New York, who has been involved in activism since 1999, said: "The ground had oil on it, my hands were filthy. There were not enough benches for everyone to sit. People had to sit down if they wanted to rest." Gunn said some of his friends acquired rashes and welts from the chemicals on the floor.
    Other arrestees spoke of the police moving them regularly to prevent anyone from being able to sleep. Others described being fed only two apples and one sandwich over a period of 24 hours. In order to procure sufficient water from police, some reported having to yell and shake the cages in which they were penned.
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