Mosin Trigger Job (Basic Do-It-Yourself)

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Brokor, May 2, 2013.

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    "This is a very good method for getting a great trigger out of your Mosin without having to buy an aftermarket trigger or other expensive parts. The nice thing about this trigger job is that if you buy an additional sear, you can leave your stock sear alone and simply use your replacement sear. A surplus replacement sear can be had for about $12. If you don't like the idea of removing metal, you can also shim the sear but in my opinion honing and polishing the part is much more effective."
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    Thanks Broker, this is very helpful to me!!​
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    I have done dozens of trigger jobs on MN rifles over the years and this is one of the most complicated efforts I have yet seen.

    Additionally, all it does is limit sear engagement and polish surfaces, some of them having

    no influence on the trigger.

    The same thing can be accomplished using a small washer or a couple of leather pads under the trigger spring.

    But it is not recommended!

    Limiting sear engagement also decreases the safety margin built into the MN. The grinding and sanding of the sear depth of engagement, recommended on this project, allows one to cross the line between the sear doing its job and not functioning at all with a single pass across the sanding belt.

    If you have done a dozen of these rifles you have some small idea of how much to take off, on a first time effort it turns into a crap shoot and your next posts will be, "where can I find a new sear for my MN?"

    Better to use the leather pad or washer method that allows one to remover the modification instantly and return to normal, or install a set screw into the sear to have total adjustment of sear engagement.
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    First, you're wrong. You are wrong because this is an acceptable method, and it is easy. Also, the gunsmith in the video --not his first rodeo. If you think this is complicated, you have issues with basic mechanics and simple power tools, and that's a personal problem. Second, this is all a matter of personal preference. Only a brainwashed Liberal believes that every lowly human who watches a video automatically becomes enthralled by it and must perform it's instructions like a programmed robot.

    Lastly, you can always make your point without having to resort to cutting down another idea. It makes it easier to swallow.
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    If I somehow insulted someone I am very sorry.

    While it may not be the demonstrator's "first rodeo" it is well beyond the capabilities of many readers that have a problem finding the two stock screws and band retainer springs to disassemble and clean the cosmoline from their MN rifles.

    As for the personal attack,

    What is your problem?

    I simply stated an opinion on an alteration that might or might not be desirable depending on the capabilities of the person doing the tinkering. It was first and foremost a safety concern.

    This is the internet, not much I can do to stop anyone from doing something or force them to engage in an activity.
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    I think the video covers any and all disclaimers. It is clearly cited and explained. Also, I was a bit rough, I apologize. Still, it's not always a good idea to come into a thread and attempt to negate the whole premise without facing some kind of rebuttal (even though mine was a little brutal).

    Keep posting, didn't mean to cause your blood to rise.
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    It may not be my place but, I have seen his work before. He IS one of the most knowledgable people on the web where it come to the MN. Alot of what he shows in other videos he tells you DO NOT do. this is very easy. And polishing is one of the best thing you can do to any trigger group(even brand new).
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