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    Anyone find any non gouged mosins anywhere? Been looking for one with no luck. And if not does anyone have any inside info as to when more crates will get to stores?
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    These were on sale 2 days ago:

    SHOOTERS X GRADE Russian 1891/30 7.62x54R Mosin Nagants

    Since sold out (it only took about 3 hours), you could get one out the door for $106 (plus FFL fee). Ammo is cheap there--buy some while you can. It is one form of "precious metals."

    Basically, you have to check places like this several times a day to see how stock fluctuates. If you see a "e-mail when back in stock" link, do it. You will be alerted when they have stock. I generally send it to my phone as a text msg.

    e.g. Mosin-Nagant Model 1938 Carbine ( M38 Rifle) - Long Guns
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    I'm also going to suggest that you look at state and local gun owners forums. They usually have a buy n sell section. The guns are available but the prices have at least doubled since December and they sell when they are posted.

    I'm on a notification system like Cato above. But I'm not even getting the messages before they are sold out. ARGH!
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