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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by CATO, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I figure instead of just complaining about politics in here, I'd post something someone might find useful.

    I wanted to upgrade the stock of a Mossberg Persuader I had lying around. I didn't have a shotgun with a pistol grip, so, I wanted to see if there was:

    • any improvement in feel
    • any reduction in recoil
    • overall increase in utility of the gun
    I bought a Knoxx kit that came with 2 different cheek pieces (one had the ability to hold 5 rounds). I think Knoxx must have sold out since I bought this. Here is the Blackhawk version (minus the cheek rests).

    38885 - SpecOps Shotgun Stock Pistol Grip Mossberg Warranty

    I've had this thing for about two years now. The first time I installed it, the geometry of the gun was WAY off. Without rifling sights or ghost rings, your line of vision was just way above the BB sights.

    Recently, I found what is called a "Stock Drop Spacer" by Advanced Technology. Rifle Stocks and other Gunstocks for AK, AR, SKS and more - Advanced Technology International USA
    ATI's Stock Drop Spacer

    In my opinion, without this spacer, the Knoxx stock was useless (without buying a ghost-ring setup).

    With the spacer, the feel of the gun feels good. It feels better without the 5-shot extra cheek rest, but, that's one of the reasons I wanted this set-up. This is the gun that stays close to the front door, so I don't want to look around for shells. So, for this particular gun, I have 9 in and 5 on the cheek.

    One of the selling features is a reduction in recoil. I don't really have a range report to tell whether or not this is true yet. I pushed down using quite a bit of force on the butt to see how much give there would be on the recoil spring and there wasn't much. I was expecting more.


    • Spacer needed for correct line-of-sight geometry OR
    • Ghost rings needed
    • Stock itself makes getting at the pump release cumbersome.

    Unless there is a huge let-off in recoil, I don't think the price for these stocks is worth it for a gun I paid ~$200 for (clearance at Dick's...guess no one wanted a desert camo shotgun). I didn't really care about this, but, at night, if the moon is out, the desert camo is noticible (where I live). I imagine if you lived in the southwest or midwest, this wouldn't be an issue.

    I'll follow-up with a range-report focused on the recoil when I find the time to shoot.
    mossy1.JPG mossy2.JPG
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    Hey thanks for your review. I have an old Mossberg 500 riot shotgun, and I have it set up for 8 shells. I have been considering a stock upgrade but haven't yet because it still looks so cool the way it is. It has the original wood stock that is in pretty good condition.
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    Thanks for the review. I have a Mossberg 500A1, with the Spec-Ops stock, no problems with sight alignment and the recoil reducer really does work. I have gone through a couple of tactical shotgun classes at a local range, the first time with the "stock" stock and the second with the knoxx stock. There was MUCH less recoil with the knoxx stock.
    My 500A1 has the ghost ring sights, so I have not had the problem with sight alignment. Since mine is the "older" 20" barrel version of the 500A1, I've been thinking about getting a companion for it, the 18" version 500A1.
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