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    I've been extremely interested in the Mossberg MVP-LC in .308 for some time now, and I'm thinking seriously about getting one. I have a simple breakdown Rossi 22/410 for my pack gun, ruger 10/22 for small game, and standby Remington 30-06/ Weatherby .270 for deer rifles. Was looking into a larger caliber lightweight pack gun, and more pack-able than the full rifles. I know a well placed 22 or 410 slug will bring down large game, but sometimes you can't get that close.
    I have also seen the Ruger precision rifle. Both are comparable in price. 1200-1400 w/ no scope. Both appear to be able to use standard AR mags as well.

    I was wondering if any of you monkeys have purchased either, or had any input on the subject.

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  2. AxesAreBetter

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    That Ruger looks nice. Had an early model Gunsite (first run) that had a few hiccups, but it was a tack driver, MOA with milsurp ammo. Mag cost alone made me sell it. $80 a pop IF you could find them.

    If would have to be SHTF for me to even consider giving Mossberg houseroom.
  3. chimo

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    I just got rid of a Mossberg MVP Patrol in .308. I liked everything about the rifle, especially the ability to accept both AR10 and M14 style mags...but the one thing I didn't like was the most important criteria - it's accuracy was crap. Best I could get out of it after trying multiple ammo types was 2" groups at 100 yards...from a bench rest! I can do better than that with my freakin AK for chris' sake.

    I ended up trading it for my S&W M&P45c and my search for another bolt gun continues.
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  4. Tikka

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    I'd check out Tikka, Remington PSS etc. (the list is too long so etc works ;)) as any of them are capable of MOA or less accuracy with ammo they like and unless one is planning on 1K range a mid-range scope.

    Personally, as it adds weight, gets in the way, and more, I'm not interested in a bolt gun with a 20 round magazine.
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  5. Legion489

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    The Savage Arms "Scout" (or whatever they call it, same action as the 110/111 action) is an amazingly accurate rifle and reasonably priced too.
  6. AxesAreBetter

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    I saw that the other day. It's as nice as all that?
  7. stg58

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  8. DLConcepts

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    That scout looks great for what I am wanting, and about half the price. I might have to just save me some money. I went to three local shops today and found a scout on the shelves, no MVPs. All three told me they would never buy a $1400 mossberg. Best price I've found local is $659 for the scout. I can live without AR mags for $700.
  9. Tikka

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  10. Bishop

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    I have a MVP in 223 it's all I hunt with now neck and head shots 75gr boat tail hollow point drops them in their tracks.
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    Building a 6.5 Grendle you might want to check them out... nice flat shooting almost the weight of an ar-15
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