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    Anyone seen this new rifle

    I am looking for a new hunting rifle for my son as this will be his first year with big game Mentored youth hunt). We can't use semi auto in pa for hunting. I wanted something in a smaller common military caliber. When i saw that it uses ar-15 style mags i was sold. Not sure if they are even avail yet. I have a local dealer trying to track one down. I would be able to use mags from my future ar to feed this. I wish the barrel was a shorted and threaded but that can be accomplished easy enough.

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    Don't know about Pa. but here you can't deer with anything smaller than .224 ,
    I haven't seen one of these out there yet ,Looks like it would be a nice groundhog gun though .
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    Just my opinion....

    .223 is a bit light for whitetails, especially if you're in brush/trees.

    I don't know how old your son is, but if you're going with 5.56 because of the low recoil, then maybe a 20 ga slug gun might be more appropriate.

    If recoil is not the issue, i would go with 7.62 NATO. It's a gun he could use the rest of his life.

    Another alternative would be a 30-30...can't go wrong with one of those.
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    Disclaimer: I have not seen one of them.

    Take these as my thoughts/opinion, nothing more.
    1) That benchrest stock sure is pretty, but it assumes a more or less adult size frame and hand. If your youngster isn't damn near full grown, he will have problems with trigger finger length, and possibly length of pull.
    2) Unless your area of PA is more wide open than my area is, the package scope is way overkill.
    3) 1:9 (in my experience) will not stabilize bullets suitable (in my mind) for deer sized game. Does work well for smaller pills. YMMV, each rifle will have it's likes and dislikes.
    3) With scope and ammo, it will run close to 12 lbs, might be a bit much for a smaller hunter walking out game. As advertised, it's more of a varmint rifle than a woods hunter.
    4) AR "style" mags is a red flag to me. There's no assurance that the mag supplied with the rifle will function in an actual AR or vice versa.
    5) I don't hunt, so this needs to be checked carefully. The supplied mag is 10 round. I believe, but do not know, that we are limited to 5 round mags in PA.

    I wasn't able to find a review by someone who has one or tested one. But I did find a comment that agrees with you about a shorter barrel and lighter weight. Not A Scout Rifle: The Mossberg MVP | The Truth About Guns
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    All these are valid points. We can hunt with a center fire cartridge in pa. When i was younger i used a 22 hornet to take down one of my first deer. As with anything shot placement is key. He is small so the stock might be an issue that i have to look into. I know he shoots my full size 22's without a problem but they might be different than a center fire rifle.

    I agree with ghrit about the scope combo. I've been hunting for 18 years and i have never shot a deer over 200 yards (a couple years ago i shot a turkey at 247 with my .17 though). Most often the deer are not in open areas especially on my property.

    The weight is another concern but carrying the rifle is not. As a mentored youth he is not allowed to carry the rifle. I have to carry it into the woods and to the hunting stand, he is then allowed to take over from there. The mag is actually and AR mag, however i think your right about the 5 round count. Not sure if they make a small mag or not.

    I was originally looking for a .223 with detachable mag. When i came across this i thought it might fit the bill. Plus i like it. At this point in my sons life i would not want him by my side rock and rolling a Ar-15 in a defensive shootout. However he is a crack shot and has been shooting 6" groups out of my target 22 at 200 yards. I would deff have him on a long gun. I honestly hope it never comes to that but if it does I would prefer to have interchangeable mags.

    I have a 410 shotgun and a 20gauge pump that might have to work for hunting this year. However neither have a slug barrel so he'd be limited to 100 yards (not really and issue where we are setting up).
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    I was unsure of the mag limit so i did a google search -

    <table class="tborder" id="post353890" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="1" width="100%"><tbody><tr></tr><tr><td class="alt1" id="td_post_353890"> icon7. Re: hunting rifle capacity
    <hr style="color:#D1D1E1; background-color:#D1D1E1" size="1"> Being that there seems to be a mulitude of opinions on this matter, I decided to consult the authorities at the PA fish and game commission. Here is the correspondence I sent and received:

    -----Original Message-----

    Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 11:02 PM
    Subject: comment/question

    I was looking through the rules and regs for an answer to my question but could.not find one, or else i'd not be taking up your vital time and resources. My question is . . . are there any magazine capacity restrictions for lever and pump action rifles for big game (and small game for that matter ?) The capacity for lever actions and pump guns is not spelled out anywhere that i can see. Have you guys considered a "ask a game warden link?"

    RE: comment/questionMonday, July 7, 2008 6:51 AM
    From: "GM, Comments" <

    No, there are no magazine capacity regulations. However, the firearm must be manually operated, no semi-automatics or automatics.

    A big thank you to those of you who responded in an adult manner.

    Not that you need 10 +
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