Mossy Oak pattern Boonie style hats

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    Sportsmansguide is selling these by the pair:

    2 Mossy Oak Boonie Hats - 1502166, Hats & Headwear at Sportsman's Guide

    $19.99 for regular customers, $17.99 for club members. Do like I do, and wait for a free shipping code to be available, to save that cost.

    I got these just a couple days ago, in the mail, and was fairly impressed with the quality and comfort. While I haven't taken the time to go on a 10-mile hike while wearing one of them, and they're definitely not as robust as the true military Boonie hats, they're pretty decent quality, with what appears to be durable stitching, 4 vents in the crown (2 on each side), and a good chin strap on it.

    Best of all, they came in size humungous, which is what I need to fit my big ol' melon head! [woot]

    You can't say enough about the importance of a good hat, especially a wide brim hat, like these, to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your more easily sunburnt areas of your head.
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