Most absurd statement ever

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Apr 18, 2012.

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    what the **** kind of glasses is she wearing? oh yeah.. they say "Marx Made" on them..
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    The Obamas are masters of hyperbole so we shouldn't be surprised
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    The sad part is that only true believers can come up with that level of absurdity extemporaneously. She believes it!!!
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    I've never had a problem with a wife believing her husband could walk on water. My problem is that this president has spent the past 3 years leading us into quicksand from which we may not escape
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    I can't believe Christians of any color don't have a cow over this Messianic allusion. She is using scripture to show that the Lord brought the common people out of darkness and into the light....right after she says that's what her husband has done. Which necessarily means that WE were all living in the darkness of the most prosperous times in our country's history...for ALL colors. At no other time since 1776 have blacks had the opportunities they have had in the past decade. Their only problem is they can't get over the fact that they're one else cares, but they continually bring it up...want you to recognize the fact.

    If you work with a one-armed man; and said man gets his work done as best he can and doesn't really call attention to the fact, you'd treat him no differently than anyone else and help him out IF he needed it (unless you were Richard Kimball).

    However, if that man continually talks about his "one-arm" and that he can't do the things that other people do and how bad he has it and that he shouldn't have to do the same things as everyone else, how many lunch invitations do you think he'll have? I would tune it out and ignore, which is basically what this country does. We expect less out of them as a group because the expect less out of themselves.

    The Kenyan has done nothing to change fact, he's made it worse.
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    Who does she think he is ? Anikin Skywalker ?

    IIRC he turned into Darth Vader and brought down the empire.

    Oh wait...[monkeyeating]
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    Yea, Grouch'o Marx, maybe..... You know... Big Nose and Bushy Eyebrows......
  10. Mountainman

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    I'll take "out of the dark and into the light" as the sheeple in the dark are FINALLY seeing the light and realizing that this countries .goob needs some very radical change.
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