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    I think i must be a lesbian because I hate DICKS. Every time I go in there I find another reason to get POed. Last time and I mean the very last time I was in I grabbed some fishing lures and two flotation vests off of a rack that had a sign $34.99. When I got to the regester the nice lady bagged up the small stuff nad handed it to me. Then she rang up the two vests. one of them was $34.99 and the other was $89.99. I told her that I didn't want them and started to walk away when I realized I still had the bag of fishing lures in my hand. I turned and underhand tossed them on the counter and they slid off the far side. She told me to wait while she had the manager double check the price. The manager came up and she wispered in his ear then he went back and checked the price. When he came back he told me the small print said RVO, red vests only. How the hell was I supposed to know what RVO meant, besides I only saw the price and grabbed two vests. Then he told me he should have me arrested for agressively throwing things at the cashier. Never again.
  2. kellory

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    I will not buy from Sears. they are selling crap with their name on it, then fighting the warrentee when it fails. i have had to get management down on the sales floor and make a scene several time to get them to fulfill their obligation. they are not even MAKING Sears Craftsman Tapes anymore, and will substitute a Stanley with NO WARRENTEE if you turn one in. that is plain theft. I PAID for a life time warrentee with my original purchase. No matter what they substitute, it must meet that warrentee. they are the ONLY ones that can make a repair, and that may take them 6 months to a year to complete. (And that is before it goes back because they did it wrong.)
    They try to substitute rebuilt ratchets when returning a broken one, and they don't hold up. They put the Sears-Craftsman label on all sorts of things that have no warrentee at all, and they look at you stupidly when you point out the large gold print letters above the doors of all the older stores "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED , OR YOUR MONEY BACK".
    It used to be, you went to sears, you got retired professionals, behind the counter, who knew the jobs, the tools, and had advice on how to do it best. Now you get house-wives, looking for a second income, and kids still in school. For the most part, they know absolutely nothing about what they are selling, how it is used, or even if it is any good. You want some fun? Ask them for a complete written copy of the Sear's-Craftsman guarantee. They can't even provide that, just bits and pieces. I will never go back.
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    "Dicks" Not just the name it's also a management style.

    I hate "the mall" I don't care which one or where it is. I ain't going there.
  4. m 99

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    Target. They say color sets your mood. red is a angry color plus they give you free bulleyes.
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    " I will never go back." Here, I mis-spoke. I do go back, but never to buy anything. I will however, make that warrentee scream. I will return for replacement as many times as it takes. I will make them work, and never see another red cent from me.
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    I went to Dick's sporting goods once. I didn't care for it. Sear sucks also, I just can't find anything there. Our local Sears is so crappy. The best Sears I ever found is in Cheyenne WY, the employees actually helped people and were nice. I like Target but it is trendy.

    Good for you Kellory, if they say lifetime then they need to stand by it.
  7. KAS

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    ill tell u who else can eat a bag of D&cks is bass pro shop
    If theyhave half as many people in there to help customers as they do trying to get u to sign up for a credit card or time share it wouldnt be a bad place!!!!
    and they will not honor a mis priced add
  8. HK_User

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    Local Pawn shops, Local resale shops , Local Grocery Store and Local Gun Shops. Anything else I can buy on line.
  9. kckndrgn

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    I went to DICKS once and only once. Noticed they were 30-50% higher on EVERYTHING and decided to not go back, just not worth my time.

    I don't have a problem with BPS and the "timeshare" sales, because those booths are rarely open when I go. I go to the store at odd hours (close to closing on the weeknights), which would be a "slow" time so they don't have those booths open. When they are open, a simple "no thanks" and I'll ignore you the rest of my trip.
  10. KAS

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    yes but that still doesnt change the fact that there is no one there to help you ....and they dont honar add prices
  11. kckndrgn

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    Never had any problems with service or with their ads. [dunno] In fact when I was looking for a deer stand, I had exceptional service by 2 employees, both went out of their way to help me.
  12. JABECmfg

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    I've had MOSTLY good luck with BPS in the past - I would always just laugh at the time share people and say "why in the world would I want to go to (insert tourist town here)?" That said, not every experience has been pleasant, and I havn't been back for anything except taking my kid to see Santa Claus in about a year and a half.

    On a side note, I can't believe no one has mentioned Wal-Mart yet...
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  13. NotSoSneaky

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    Dick's makes Wall-Mart look good.

    ...and the prices are better. biglaff
  14. KAS

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    no problems with walmart in the south...
  15. HK_User

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    I once had to Ed-u-cate a manger about the business he was losing on the 30.06 signs. He got the message when sales dropped off. So the signs went away.
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    Not a fan of Dicks, here in the northwest they took over all the Joe's stores and while I wasn't a fan of them either, they were still close to the old GI-Joes. Quality seems to have gone downhill on items and prices have gone up. I tend to use my local shops and gun stores, even though prices are higher, and bi-mart.
  17. Gunny Highway

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    SEARS - will walk a mile to another store rather than use them.
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