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  1. -06

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    The early traders with the indians had a few hot items that would trade with anyone. Cooking utensils, blankets, warm clothing, arms/ammo, metal items, and of course beads for he ladies--lol. We need to make sure we have the basics covered in our gear also.
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  2. tacmotusn

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    nails, screws, SS fishhooks, rope, fishing line, wire, tools, barrel stove kits, tarps, axes, hatchets, knives, sharpening stones, gill nets, snares, traps, and so so so much more
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  3. Warscent

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    I love all the high tech gear n guns,as well as my Albion swords but......this is all id really need for a good kit.
    Short term:Survival knife, dry tender until i could aquire more,wire,e-tool w/hatchet,and a canteen cup all stashed away in a large waterproof jacket.
    Long term:All of the above,native crop seeds,Axe,bow and arrows, shovel,rope,a large iron pot,a mid sized wagon,and trusted friends.Everything else could be made along the way.
    I long to live in another iron Bring it.
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  4. oldawg

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    Being a mechanic I keep my knowledge and tools close.
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  5. Witch Doctor 01

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    I could pass on the plague and child bearing deaths....

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  6. VisuTrac

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    Your most valuable asset, tool is what you have between your ears.
    The rest of it is just stuff. If you have you have knowledge of how to make, acquire, adapt or barter for the things you need to fill in gaps of what you have; you'll do just fine.

    that being said. Water, Shelter and food.

    (Knowledge is power!)
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  7. jollyrodger13

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    Amen!! thats what I say!! I have been steadily acquiring tools/equipment/supplies for awhile now, but I also agree whats between the ears IS THE MOST IMPORTANT of all.:D
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    None of you can make plastic, so just admit it. :p Where would you be without plastic? Maybe the universe created humankind just so the earth could have plastic...ever thought of that?

    In celebration to all things plastic, I submit that I shall always have a pocket comb -or- a Bic lighter.Or a kazoo. Yeah, that's hard to beat.
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  9. 45ACP

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  10. munchy

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    Gotta go with toothpicks, drives me nuts not havin one. Tho in all seriousness you can't beat a good blade
  11. chelloveck

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    I think the same may apply to latex's a bit hard to make a pioneer condom without the mass production infrastructure necessary for manufactured condoms......though I do belive that sheep intestines had been used in the days before the industrial revolution.......the modern day equivalent of sheep gut condoms........
  12. -06

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    We have all our power tools backed up with manually operated ones. Have two cross cut two man saws and even a drill press. Need a nicer hand pump for the wells.
  13. CATO

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