Mother of CT shooter was a "Prepper and Survialist"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by HappyPuppy, Dec 16, 2012.

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    They are saying she should have known 0bama would provide just ask the Sandy victims.
  3. F. Ticious

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    why does that stupid article insist he used a rifle when all the other reports say he used two handguns and left the rifle in his stolen car?
  4. Yard Dart

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    There are obviously a lot of details to be clarified and identified to be fact before we can truly understand the tragic events and how to prevent future similar attacks. The bottom line is the guy was mentally unstable and killed a lot of innocents.

    We all know the gun control chatter gets going wild after each of these tragic events. We also know it is not the gun but the person in possession of the weapon. He should have never had the access to these weapons but as we all can testify, if there is a will there is a way to obtain them. What is the quick fix to prevent this in the future....there is not one from my armchair. The criminals get weapons everyday thru illegal means. Gun control only affects the legal acquisition of weapons by our citizenry, not those who should not have gun's due to whatever reason judged by society. How do you prevent mentally unstable people from obtaining weapons....... there is not a cure-all method, law or family that can control a lone animal from preying on our innocent.

    I wonder what would have come out if there were select teachers with a CCW in each school. In my opinion this is one method to at least provide a bit more security to a soft target. Or is it the addition of police in every school across the country at what additional cost for the taxpayer? I understand that there is no cost to much, for the safety of our children but is that the best defense? My guess in this particular event, the police officer may have been shot first just as the other key admin was killed. Then the school would have been just as defenseless without multiple defenders.

    In my church we have over 20 CCW and police officer types in our regular congregation. We feel a bit more secure due to that protection and not just a sheep in the flock......
  5. Mountainman

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    It pisses me off how they always try to spin up these kinds of stories. They wrote "Nancy Lanza began hoarding" and right before that they said "stockpiling food" but did not mention how much and why it was hoarding. Then "She reportedly became ‘obsessed’ with guns" was thrown in but later they said she only owned 5 guns. This is nowhere near obsessed in my book and she had what we would consider the prepper basics.
  6. Yard Dart

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    I wonder if she had a gun safe and if so, did he have the combo... with a kid with mental defects it would have been prudent to lock them away from him. More of those details will come out at some point.
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    I'll take the ME's statement that all the kills were rifle except the handgun shot to himself. The media still doesn't have a real clew about anything that happened inside, big time guessing game.
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    You know..I'm for cutting 66 1/3 of the ''entitlement fund's'' and hiring former LEO'S/Miltary personal with that tax money to patrol the school's..Is it that easy to fix..or no..?
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    I am all for your suggestion- but with the libs holding the pen in hand- there will not be the entitlement cuts- that is just not in their game plan. Anyway's, then you just create another union government job to contend with.....
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    Union's..You lost me, I'm sure someplace we have them here, But i've not seen or heard of one in year's.
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    Gator you must really be in the deep woods..... :D
    Around here in the lib NW, everything school related is unionized!!!
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    Wood's..Ha. Lost me again..

    This is a Right to Work State...Which also mean's a Right to Fire State...
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