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    Mother, do you think they’ll drop the bomb?
    Mother, do you think they’ll like this song?
    Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls?
    Ooh ah,
    Mother, should I build the wall?

    Mother, should I run for president?
    Mother, should I trust the government?
    Mother, will they put me in the firing line?
    Ooh ah,
    Is it just a waste of time?

    Pink Floyd – Mother

    The lyrics to Mother had both a literal and figurative meaning for Roger Waters. He was literally describing his overprotective single mother (his father was killed in World War II) building walls to protect him from the outside world. The figurative meaning is Big Mother sending its boys off to war and using fear to control and manipulate the masses. At the time he wrote this song in 1979, the Soviet Union was thought to be at its peak of power and the Berlin Wall represented a boundary between good and evil. Nuclear war was still a looming fear. Waters has always had a dim view of totalitarian states and institutions (English schools). Having seen his Wall Tour performance this past summer at Citizens Bank Park with a diverse crowd of 40,000, ranging in age from senior citizens to teenagers, it seems this song has gained new meaning. He sang a duet with himself from 1980 projected on the Wall and when he sang the lyric, “Mother, should I trust the government?” the entire stadium responded in unison – NO!!! This revealed a truth that is not permitted to be discussed by the corporate mainstream media acting as a mouthpiece for the ruling class. A growing legion of citizens in this country does not trust the government. This is very perceptive on their part.

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    IMO, the mainstream media is owned by the Left.
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    I have a friend who does Mother better than even PF did. Some of you may be lucky enough to hear it some one of these days
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    WHAT HAS THE GOV'T DONE TO EARN ANYKIND OF TRUST? I know it does not trust me. I know it fears me.
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    So odd. I actually had someone who I thought was normal everyday person just go off. He is so upset with the state of our country and doesn't have much hope for next year. It certainly is revealing when everyday citizens are starting to wake up.

    **BTW- I love Pink Floyd. One of my favorite bands.
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    Wile pumping gas, I had two people vent about 0bama and the sorry state the nation is in. So I asked them if they watched the million moocher march aka the inauguration?

    Pink Floyd is good stuff.
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    Huge Pink Floyd fan.

    To answer your question:

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