Motorcycle vs. Dodge Caravan...!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seawolf1090, Sep 24, 2010.

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    WOW, motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after that, wonder what his speed was?

    I live just close enough to I40 in Memphis that i can hear some of the bike "racing" down the straightaways. Keep waiting to hear the 10 o'clock news lead as "and there is a major accident on I40 after a motorcycle crashed..."

    I don't mind most MC drivers, but some of them think the road is all theirs (there's some auto drivers like that too I know)
  3. Tracy

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  4. bartp40

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    20 year olds with broom bristles on helmets

    [gone]think they can't die... they do.............
  5. CrufflerJJ

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    Love them donorcycle riders! I've only been on a bike once, as a passenger.....many many moons ago (~30 years ago).

    I like having steel around me.

    That being said, I suspect that for most motorcyclists, the idjit car drivers are the main threat.
  6. ghrit

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    Yup. I've been aimed at more than once deliberately, not at all counting the oblivious.
  7. Seawolf1090

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    YEP! We ride as if we are invisible...... because we ARE! The typical cager brain 'sees' us as simply 'scenery', like the trees, the birds, etc. For him/her, we do NOT occupy space in the same continuum as they. Therefore, if we are in a certain space and the cager wants it, he/she often simply pulls into it. We dodge or get nailed...... Been there, done that.......
    Even 'making eye contact' does NOT ensure the cager actually sees us and knows we are there. I have had them, seemingly acknowledging my presence, then pull right into me..... :rolleyes:
    I think the major problem is, those drivers with NO MC experience simply are not 'programmed' to see us and recognise us.
    Then again, drivers do sometimes drive right into walls, firetrucks, cop cars with lights and sirens going - just plain stupid......

    Not to say that MC riders can't be stupid too. I see a lot of THAT!
  8. Disciple

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    I'm a motorcycalist myself, and I have a brain enough to know when you ride a crotch rocket at that high rate of speed(he passed someone who was going 65 and they said he blew by them). So he was doing a 100 or more, The only smart thing was he was wearing his brain bucket, otherwise his head would a have popped like he was in the taliban and he just it busted by a .50 cal............I as a motorcycleist belive these bikes need to be respected. It is not just the drivers of 4 wheels that need to watch whats going on We need to watch also.

    When people ride these "crotch Rockets" at 100 miles an hour and up they are risking more than their own lives, they are risking everybodies lives. I've been on I-40 with heavy traffic and a group of them comes weaving in and out of traffic barely
    missing cars and big rigs causing them to swerve and almost hit other vehicles. So they are an endangerment to all who use these roads and they give bikes like me a bad name, and personally I'm sick and tired of it.
  9. Byte

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    I just got my first motorcycle. Thankfully it's max speed is around 60mph! And it takes it a bit to get going that fast...

    I've seen some crazy riders out there and they scare me. If only their life was the only one they put in danger.

  10. XR750

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    I was teaching the night shift at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix AZ I saw one of the students do just about the same thing. He was going so fast that he hit the side and spun the Chevy S10 Blazer 180* and went threw the side window and died in the back seat of the vehicle.
    The guy in the Blaze made a safe and legal left turn and the bike was going flat out and couldn't stop when he saw the Blazer.

  11. Seawolf1090

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    When I ride, I basically consider that above a low speed, I have NO brakes. If I'm doing 55 on the highway and some dingbat decides to panic stop, I try to always have an 'escape route' already in mind - then hit the throttle and take it. That has saved my butt a few times! But I ride the speed limit and try to always give the vehicle ahead of me plenty of room. I violated that rule in May of 2009, had a lady STOP in front of me on a rainslick road, and I had to lay it down or make a BIG impression on her........ I laid it down and took my lumps.
    Learned the lesson - always give them ROOM!
  12. Disciple

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    I never ride on wet pavement anymore, and I refuse to ride on an interstate, its too crazy.......back when i was younger i had a 1200 sportster, and was going around a corner at 80 hit some loose gravel and slid out well the bike threw me and it stopped sliding....well my fat butt didnt..... I slid spread-legged across wet grass strait into a muliti-floral rose bush that was growing wild, yes they are pretty, and they do smell nice, but when you spend a couple hours pulling thorns out of your legs and levi's (including the genetalia) you kind-of build a dislike for those things. well needless to I now have a great respect for a motorcycle, and what can happen.
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