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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Motomom34, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Moto’s Monkey Challenge. I challenge all monkeys. From June 6 to June 25th the monkey challenge will be to post threads on topics related to this site (Survival Monkey). Your threads can be on bush craft, survival, prepping, green patch, comms, reading room material -your choice; the only requirement is that it adds to this site. The member to post the best thread will win an Amazon $50.00 gift card.
    Prizes: $50 for first place and $25 for second.

    On June 27th we will decide the top 5 threads started and create a poll to vote on the best threads.

    ** When entering the Moto’s Monkey Challenge please use an Asterisk ***** in your title therefore it will be easy to identify at the end.

    **I ask that when creating your thread you add tags so that the threads can be moved to the proper area if needed once this challenge is complete.
    (edit by Brokor - Yard Dart and I will tag all asterisk posts with "monkey challenge" -I will also tag THIS thread with the same, so it's already been made.)

    ***If all entries could be posted in the General Discussion, to keep all entries in one area, that would make things easier.
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    @Yard Dart see edit above in Moto's post.

    Great idea, Motomom. On board!

    Suggestion to all: Gear Reviews are always welcomed.
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  3. RevJammer

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    I was actually considering posting a review on a firearm accessory... would it qualify for this challenge?

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  4. Motomom34

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  5. Motomom34

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    Moto's Monkey Challenge is still happening. And there have had amazing entries in the challenge so far. You can find all the entries below (see related threads).

    If you want to enter your post in the challenge please put *** in front of the thread title. If you posted a thread and wanted it in the challenge and do not have *** in the thread title, please let the staff know and we can assist you in correcting it.

    **MM34 sends a shout-out to the 2 staff members who have been doing an amazing job tagging all the entries.
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    Today is the last day to enter the challenge. If you have threads you want to enter into the challenge start a thread with **** in front of the title and receive a chance to win Amazon gift cards.
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