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    I use this tent on solo backpacking trips. It weighs just over 3 pounds and packs down so small that I can fit my sleping bag and this tent in the sleeping bag compartment. It is not free standing so you must stake it down during setup.

    First time I used this tent was a couple yeas ago on a short trip with phishi. We were in high grass and it was slightly confusing as it was my first single pole tent. The learning curve was short and I had it up in a few minutes. It has 2 doors and room to sit up in and I'd best describe it as a large bivi sack. Was a hot night and I was fairly comfortable with the ventilation.

    The door zippers are of the newer 'welded' design and are waterproof. The biggest drawback with the door configuration is that to open the tent, you open the interior to the sky. If it is raining hard, it's going to get wet inside on ingress/egress.

    It's currently on closeout at most online retailers and for the money, it makes an excellent BO tent IMHO. I may pick up a spare.
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    that is a good setup.could it hold a big guy?? i got a half dome from ERI and it has done good for me.i havent been packing in some to get out and do more.i use to go alot.been in several back country wilderness areas in the PNW.what is the price of a tent like that??
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    Yeah, it's rated 2 person. It works perfect for me alone with my gear.
    Sale Price: $184.97
    Reg. Price: $249.95

    but I bet you could find it at campmor for less
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    I have a three-person Dome Tent attached to each Bug Out Bag. Ric


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    nice set up Ric.
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