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    Amazon.com: Mountain Hold (Chronicles of Terra's Edge) eBook: Tyler Danann, M. Michaels: Kindle Store

    Following the dawning of a strange sun in the sky the world infrastructure collapses, cities become arenas of mayhem and the governments across the globe fall. Out of the maelstrom comes a rising of diverse factions, strange newcomers and an intrepid new spirit.

    A small group of survivors desperately flee the collapsing chaos, heading into the Rocky Mountains. There they hope to rebuild anew with a sanctuary from the havoc. In the valley below though a small town finds itself up under siege from a seemingly unstoppable horde of raiders.

    Mysterious strangers and powerful artifacts promise much, but at what cost can they be trusted?

    Dark, powerful forces of the apocalypse have awoken and their tyrannical scourge will unleash whatever it takes to control and enslave humanity.

    One of their targets - The Mountain Hold!

    Fans of JRR Tolkein will be fired-up by this fierce yarn of a courageous new era rising from the ashes of the old.
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    As this strange new sun arrives it is a time of great change, chaos and a brave new direction...

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    Good watch!
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    Have another one!

    In the World of Terra's Edge the 5th Era has begun.

    Raider, Enforcer and Militia folk collide as the territories and factions arise!

    From the World of Tyler Danann...
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    Ok to all Mountain Hold fans and beyond...

    Book is now being despatched to my house for final-reading, then it will be launched into the bookosphere! [​IMG]

    It reads great, errors and daft-little niggles are fixed and ought to be able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other books of the adventure / TEOTWAWKI genre. [​IMG]
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    Ho there folks and friends of the Mountain Hold!

    I am checking the final chapter tomorrow, from there it will be forwarded to CreateSpace for launching onto the printing presses of destiny! :)
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