Mountain House 18-can kit Buy Now Open--Shipping Immediately

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by JC Refuge, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. JC Refuge

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    While they last ...

    A good many have been waiting for another 3-case / 18-variety Mountain House kit buy. The time is now, and this time, we have the food on hand, ready to ship to you as soon as you pay for it.

    We're now opening up this next Mountain House 18-can kit group buy (click the "18-can kit" link to see the kit listed in my store and see its contents--but DO NOT purchase the kit thru the store if you want the special price).

    I expect, that although I have several dozen kits available to ship, they will go fast, so don't hesitate.

    To take part in this buy ...

    1. Email ( or PM me with notice that you are in, and for how many kits. Then send payment immediately ... we want to ship right away.

    For orders shipped within the continental US:

    Price for each of the 18-can kits: $395, ground shipping included to the lower 48. (Paypal payment is an additional $6)

    Shipping will take place 1-3 business days after payment is received.

    a. Total price due per kit, payable by cashiers check or money order: $395 Make the cashiers check/MO out to "Safecastle LLC."

    Mail to:
    Safecastle LLC
    PO Box 623
    Prior lake, MN 55372

    b. To pay by Paypal, add $6 to the total per kit. Send $401, using my email address for the Paypal payment:

    3. Please be sure to provide your mailing address and your phone number. The shipping companies, Fedex especially, like to have your phone number in case of any delivery issues.

    It is helpful, though not necessary, if you could be sure to provide your SM user name with your order for communication purposes. Otherwise, your email address will suffice.
  2. TnAndy

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    Looking at the list included are some of the items in the 6 cases I still haven't gotten from my end of March 25 case order.

    I'd like to know WHY these items are being offered in a "new" order, but I am still without.

    Been patient, but getting pissed quite frankly.
  3. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

    Hi Andy. I am cleaning up some orders with MH today where some folks's remaining foods off their orders apparently were lost in a "computer glitch" they say. I've been tracking everyone's orders and shipments via the invoices I receive a week after shipment (yours included).

    First let me say--there is no danger of you not getting your food. I'm all over this and whatever foods have not yet been sent or MH has somehow lost track of, is getting shipped out this week if it isn't already on the way.

    They apparently started running into problems by shipping some partial orders out, as they had said they would do ... but then their system got fouled up by the sheer volume of orders that had to be processed and reprocessed. A few of my large orders went out in up to 4 stages to customers -- and some of them still haven't gotten all of their food.

    Bottom line--95-98% of the folks had no problems with their food deliveries, other than the expected wait. It's the largest orders that have taken the longest to ship and now with a few, to make sure that all the foods ordered are getting there.

    As for my own very large order intended for filling these 3-case packages, I asked MH not to ship it to me till all my other customers get theirs, but obviously there are still a few customers who need a few of their cases. I apologize for that. Hope you can understand that this is a package that folks have been asking me for now for almost 6 months, so I did not feel I could sit on it any longer than it took to get it to me.

    Andy--you are right to be frustrated. Just be assured you're not getting stiffed. Your remaining food is coming now in very short order.
  4. CRC

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    Looks like a good deal with Hurrican Season upon us...


    I'll catch up to you....Thanks!
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