Mountain House Can Prices Jumping as much as 35% July 1! Pre-Sale Discounts up to 40% Now

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    On July 1 Mountain House can pricing, set by the manufacturer, is going up by as much as 35% (see specifics below).

    The good news is that as a Safecastle buyers club member, right now you can purchase any MH variety in cans at maximum-allowed discounts of up to 40%-off pre-price-hike prices!! Moreover, when you do so during our current PRESALE event during May, you get an outstanding array of additional freebies for qualifying orders.
    June 1 starts our official Mountain House Freeze-Dried Maximum Discount Sale when members and non-members can get the same full discounted prices, but club members who order in May get "Prepperential Treatment": See details here.
    Get maximum allowed discounts of 25% to 35% and even to 40%-off Mountain House can-case listings! (Logged in members see discounted pricing on the linked page. Otherwise you see full current list prices.)
    July 1 Price Hikes on MH Cans include:
    Sliced Bananas: going up 35%
    Creamed Beef: +12%
    Diced Beef: +10%
    Ground Beef: +9%
    Raspberry Crumble: +10%
    Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacon: +6%
    Granola w/ Blueberries & Milk: +5%
    24 other varieties: going up between 1 and 4%

    Needless to say, there is going to be a surge in demand between now and July 1, so if you intend to do any stocking up on the very best long-term storage food in the world, you better act fast or you will end up at the end of the rapidly lengthening queue.
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    May 21, 2:30pm NOTICE-- Oregon Freeze Dry has put a stop to our MH cans Presale due to "unfair competitive advantage." We have only thru Thursday, May 23, to allow club members to place MH cans preorders (& to thus also qualify for our Resistance Sale goodies available in May). Act now:
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    Members' PRESALE on the MH discounts ends tomorrow.
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