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    We are still at liberty to prepare for the tough times ahead. Those who are exercising those liberties today will be the ones who are in position to hold strong and to help others ... rather than having to be dangling on the other side of the wall when the bottom falls out.

    Safecastle is pulling out all the stops this month to ensure the best opportunity for you to get squared away right now ...

    1. If you're not a buyers club member yet, you can now get a membership for free using our special offer. And if you are a member, you have a gift from us in the form of a $20 coupon code (one use per customer). Get those coupon codes here:

    2. Lindon Farms fruits & veggies are 44% off thru July 6 -- a heck of a deal!:

    3. A bonus Mountain House cans sale is now live, good thru July 18. We are of course offering the maximum allowed 25% off on all MH cans, as well as offering our club members their exclusive Royalty Rewards gift certificates ($30 for every three cases of MH cans in a transaction). As always at Safecastle, everything always ships free to the lower 48.

    4. We've got a lot of new products in the store lately--to include some low-sodium Mountain House foods, the old-favorite MH 7-day kit (limited time availability), and a new premium MH 10-pack meal assortment in pouches. Shop all our new items here:

    Stay free.
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