Mountain House Ratcheting Rewards Sale till 3/6/09

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    [FONT=Verdana,Arial]Stock Up for the Tough Times

    Are you ready? If you are not, this may be among the last best chances you have to lay-in food and supplies before things get ugly.

    Depression, recession ... war, peace ... bailouts, flameouts ... taxpayers getting fleeced. These are not the times to be putting your resources into anything other than substantive assets.

    If you know me, you know full well I'm not peddling fear. In fact, I'm really very pleased to be able to offer some semblance of peace of mind to our friends and club members at a time when comfort is an increasingly rare commodity.

    Gold, Guns, and Grub

    I trust you will do what you can in the first two areas mentioned above. MOST important, though, is to be sure you have your household's nutritional needs provided-for ... to whatever extent that you are able. If you and yours become hungry, you will very likely find yourself in a tenuous and unenviable situation having to compete with others for whatever is available out there.

    It no longer seems prudent to even say that this might not happen anytime soon. You make up your own mind about that. All I can do is offer you the chance to get some of the best quality storage food at some of the best bottom-line prices available.

    1. It doesn't get any better than Mountain House freeze dried food in #10 cans ... the best tasting, longest lasting line of emergency food in the world.

    Our current Mountain House sale runs through March 6.
    All MH can listings are selling for 25% off--the steepest discounts permitted by the manufacturer. As always, it all ships free to the lower 48 ...

    AND, we are issuing club members rebate vouchers for quantity purchases and giving away free gifts as well.

    2. This sale we are calling the Ratcheting Rewards Sale. Buyers club members can really make a haul. See the details.

    3. We've added a few more great storage food listings in the last few weeks to include:

    • APack MREs with heaters
    • Canned Chocolate/Candy Variety Pack
    • Grandmas Country Cream real Powdered Milk and Chocolate Milk
    • Bega Canned Cheese
    You can find all of those new products listed on our homepage.

    4. Worth mentioning--we recently lowered prices on some of our Berkey water filter systems. Can't go without drinking water.

    Friends--please do stay safe. And thank you for your business.
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