Mountain House Sale-3 Days, 3 Ways to Save: Sept. 6-8

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    Here's your chance to get a hold of the best storage food fast, at maximum discount--absolutely fresh from the factory.

    And you can save three ways! ...
    1. Coming September 6-8 only, Safecastle will offer the maximum-allowed 25% discounts on MH cans (and on pouches too)!

    2. No matter what quantity you order, you get FREE SHIPPING (to the lower 48).

    3. Plus, Safecastle Royal Buyers Club members reap substantial benefits from two separate incentive programs ... first--the Royalty Rewards program which this time around offers $50 gift certificates for every three MH can cases ordered--no limit. Second, as with all purchases in our store through 2011, purchases count toward our unique Cache Back program for members.
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    [FONT=Verdana,Arial]We are live. Stock is flying out faster than I anticipated. We are already out of Beef Stroganoff in cans.

    A couple of other varieties are dwindling. Still, at this point we have 35 MH canned varieties out of 36 available.
  3. JC Refuge

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    Resupplied and still smokin' ...

    We have more MH can stock inbound now so we are back to the full range of MH products for the last 28 hours of this sale.
  4. JC Refuge

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