Mountain Man Dehydrated Food Package

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    The Mountain Man Dehydrated Food Package Includes:

    • 25 Varieties of healthy affordable dehydrated food
    • 125 Pounds of preparedness!
    • Packed inside 8- five gallon buckets to protect your investment
    • 5242 servings!
    • PLUS! FREE HEIRLOOM SEEDS: 50 varieties, 1,250 vegetable seeds ($95 value)
    Go to:
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    For more details!
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    And your first post my ****. Your input to the site so far will surely drive loads of traffic to your new business venture. Might want to upgrade the website.

    None of my articles in the Beer Tent are copyrighted so you are welcome to begin your survival blog with any of those posts. They provide about as much survival knowledge as your pet dog, but they are free so enjoy!

    The so called sale of cheap dehydrated food in non-galco-lidded buckets is quite enticing until it rots because it isn't packed properly. Dehydrated is not to be confused with freeze dried, which costs way more, but lasts for 30 years or more. Since those lids can't be resealed, you might want to address that issue quickly.

    Survival Joe, you have sliced a piece of first-post-pet-peeve-pie. Best of luck on the business venture.

    Oh, Welcome to Survival Monkey, I almost forgot,

    With sincerest regards,

    Title: Pet-Peeve-Pie-Baker & Thread Killing Monkey!

    PS: You should read me after a couple beers!
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    but , but, but.......
    he says the heirloom seeds are free
    and wow....125 pounds of preparedness, unfathomable.

    pass the pet-peeve-pie, does it come ala mode
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    Joe... double check your Paracord... it dosent have an "index strand" (red/white) and so is not GI.... you may want to verify that it will actually hold #550 lbs... just a thought...

    Welcome to the Monkey...
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    As a former lurker and total newb there's a lot of things I can't do here yet, some places I can't go, some lines I shouldn't cross. But here I am snickering ... I think that's allowed. [angel] Thanks for the lesson in monkeyquette.
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