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    Well she's not really toothless, she still has her upper teeth. Puttytat is a 13 year old special needs cat we rescued a while back and last night the Mrs. wakes me up yelling "Get out here now!!!" [shoked]

    I grab the 1911 & Surefire 6PXD off the night stand and head for the noise.
    There's the Mrs standing on the sofa pointing to a corner telling me "The cat's got a mouse !!!" foosed

    Whoo-boy. [eek3] "Really ?" I say.
    "You want me to shoot it ?"NO!!
    "Its just a mouse, its not like its the first time you've seen one."
    "Just take care of it will you ?" She says. Followed by *The look of death*
    I set down the pistol & light and look over at the cat. She's batting the mouse back and forth like its some kind of chewy-toy, flipping it up in the air and catching it in her mouth.
    Funny thing was when she caught it the mouse was going "eek - eek - eek". I couldn't tell if the mouse was screaming in terror thinking old toothless was going to eat it or if it was laughing from being gummbed by a toothless old kitty. biglaff

    I dropped to my knees and attempted to grab the dastardly 'lil mousie and the dang thing jumped out of my hands not once but twice before disappearing down a heater vent. maddd
    Turns out 'lil mousie woke the Mrs by running across her bare foots as she dozed on the sofa.
    Must have really startled her. [OO]
    Long story short, baited mouse traps with peanut butter, secured spouse and cat in bedroom for the night. Had me a good laugh and went back to sleep.
    Located dead mouse in trap this AM[coo]
    Not gonna let her forget this one for awhile.[tongue]
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    Uh, not to be nosy, but do we want to know just HOW you secured them in the bedroom......or if they liked it??? *Fifty Shades of Gray moment...and no, I neither read the books or saw the movie! LOLOL*
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  3. NotSoSneaky

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    [OO][eek3] We have a boring life. biglaff

    Told the Mrs it was time to go to bed, picked up the cat went back to sleep. Don't usually let Puttytat in the bedroom but didn't want her to find the traps. With or without the mousie. She'll be bunking in with us as I've set more traps because when you see one mouse, they are sure to have friends. [tongue]
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    Careful with that one cause you may get this again---
    LOL! Thanks for sharing.
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    Had a few times when I've come home from work, to find my cat has left me a "present". Dead mouse, intact and whole, but wet.

    Lucky for me, he treats them more like a toy, than something to eat. He'll bat 'em around, puncture them countless times with his claws, then lick them....but once they stop moving, he loses interest. Thank goodness, since a dead wet mouse beats a dead wet HALF of a mouse! [winkthumb]
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    When I was in ND working I had my three with me. They were younger at the time and had never seen a mouse. I was awakened around 03:00 one morning to much scampering and noise making coming from the kitchen. The three of them had found their 1st mouse and was playing hacky sack with it. That became a nightly thing for about a week until the mouse problem was no more. A "present" presented to you in bed @ O dark thirty isn't the best way to be woken up..:rolleyes:
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