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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Jan 15, 2007.

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    Finally got to see "children of men" been watching for it since September(?)of last year..Interesting story set in the near future in a post iraq war totalitarian Britain, illegal aliens and muslims are hunted down rounded up in abrutal "shelter system then deported..
    People theworld over are rendered infertile, no children have been born for 18 years,til a pregnant girl is found .The story is interesting, the images are somber but rich, the ending was alittle just ends . I enjoyed it , will buy the dvd when its available, Y'all will enjoy the imagery,(government troops rounding up civilians for harsh treatments in government camps as "fugees" (refugees).[applaud]
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    T3. I saw it last week. Did you get an impression as to what caused the infertility?
    I have to admit that during the scene where the hero is reunited with the old GF I was reading the newspaper headlines that they had covering the windows. Bush=War....nuke in US ect.
    Missed a bit in translation...been a while since I watched Monty Python and missed some of the 'brit lingo as well.

    None the less....pretty good over all. Great ending scenes in the city's...combat footage and all.[applaud]
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    In a word No, it never presents the reason (or I never figured it out. I got caught up reading details in the scene and missed the occasional word too.).Like to see it again....
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    Sounds good, I'll be looking for it on DVD.

    Negative reaction for being anti Bush..... you mean there are some people left that still like the guy?

    There, I just save it to my Blockbuster Online Queue (along with Eragon)
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    [applaud]Thankyou strat that was an outstanding review, one I simply could not aspire to write.
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