Mr President, The trust is broken

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, May 16, 2006.

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    Dear Mr. President:

    Nice try, but no cigar. Your speech last evening was an insult to my intelligence. Don't tell me we "must act now" to protect our borders and then come up with half-ass poltically correct measures. Don't tell me we must have "comprehensive reform". Don't tell me its urgent to protect our borders when it should have been done right after 9-11. Don't tell me that we must have guest worker programs and add three layers of bureacracy to your ongoing big government agenda. Don't tell me we should not militarize the borders! What the hell do you think Vicente Fox is doing along their borders?

    Mr. President did you happen to take note of the illegal protestors carrying hate America signs and then demanding their rights? Don't tell me illegal immigrants are "good people" when 12% of them coming accross our border are criminals. Don't tell me we need to offer them citizenship when almost half of the federal prisoners are illegal immigrants. And above all don't tell me we need cheap labor so coroporations can hire them for $2.00 an hour. It's costing taxpayers $15 an hour to support these law breakers in public schools, hospitals, and welfare entitlements. Don't tell me it's not realistic to send 12 million people home. A good percentage of those people want to change our language and our culture. They claim rights but criticize our country. If they are so proud of their country why don't they move back home!

    Mr.President we need our borders protected with the greatest use of force now. Send 12,000 National Guard bearing arms, Mr. President. Quit *****-footing around.Don't tell me we can't use the military to protect our borders when we have successfully protected the S. Korea border for decades.

    We conservatives sent you a blank check of trust. You have done some amazing things Mr. President. We have not been hit since 9-11. And you have gone after terrorists and correctly called them evil that must be stopped. But why go after the terrorists when we don't even protect our borders? We have one of the best economies in U.S. history thanks to taxcuts. But Mr. President you have spent us into oblivion and not once used your veto pen. You signed McCain-Feingold that is a violation of free speech rights. You signed billions of pork infested bills including education and transportation. You initiated yet another socialistic drug prescription entitlement program. All the while government expansion has known no bounds under your administration.

    Don't tell me you are conservative, Mr. President. Your recent immigration speech was unprincipled and nothing but smoke and mirrors. I hope you prove me and the other conservatives wrong. I thought you were above the so called moderate Republcians in the U.S. Senate. Screw the RINO's! Don't worry Mr. President I know what the liberal Demo-leftists stand for ... screw them too, but at least I know where they stand.

    The blank check of trust has been cashed today, Mr. President. I campaigned for you and went door to door to get out the vote. No longer will I fight for you and politcally defend you. You will have to prove to me once again you are worthy of my trust.


    A true conservative
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    [bestpost] [ditto]
  3. 155gunner

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    I couldn't have said it better myself. [applaud]
  4. Aptus

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    Lol... that's why neo-con translates to new con. :)
    It's a shame we can't get a real conservative in there.
  5. ColtCarbine

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    NG troops on the border are a few years too late, what took so long is what I want to know. :dunno: :shock:
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