MRE + freezing and sub-zero temperatures

Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by robfindlay, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. robfindlay

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    I've seen the shelf like chart for most MRE's they bottom out at say 60F, what I'm looking do to is bury say a 55 gallon drum full of MRE's. The top would only have perhaps an inch or so of soil on it.

    Out here in Utah the winters can get sub-zero and the summers can hit the triple digits.

    I'm not so much worried about the summers, ground insulation should keep them near basement temps.

    So what happens if an MRE freezes?

  2. sniper-66

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    Freezing can cause the contents to expand and bust open the bags that contain them, causing them to spoil. I am more concerned with a inch of soil over the can in a desert environment during the summer. The inside of the can, under an inch of soil would get hot enough to spoil the MRE's. Why would you only cover them with an inch of soil?
  3. tommy20/69

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    i would get some of that roll out sheeting stuff they put on the metal roofs for insulating and wrap the hell out of that drum then i would dig the hole wider than the drun and get me some sheets of that celotex stuff 3/4 "thick get a few 4x8 sheets of it and cut some squares of it and slide them on each side of the drum and the bottom too then back fill it then take and double the layers of celotex on top the drum and cover it with atleast a foot of dirt and if you can put rocks over it rocks will stay coler in the heat and they will also help keep the dirt under them cooler too.
  4. tommy20/69

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    but man if your only plannin of covering it up with 1" why burry it at all???
  5. dragonfly

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    Place a poly drum into a large steel drum, and have some 1&1/2" foam insualtion on the bottom, and sides and a piece over the top as well.
    Silicone in place if needed.
    I agree with the depth problem....NOT deep enough for several reasons.....
    1) Weather/rain/snow etc.
    2) Vehicles running over the top?
    3) Animals, their sense of smell will cause a real headache!
    I'd go at least 3 feet deep to be sure.
    Wrap the items in either the aluminized bubble wrap as mentioned above, or some heavy plastic and seal it well.
    My .02
  6. robfindlay

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    Ease of access? Likely it would be closer to several inches. And the barrel would be wrapped in that thinner version of fiberglass insulation. Might even string a lead down for a thermometer so the temp can be checked periodically.
  7. tommy20/69

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    i would still go deeper even though you have a temp checker in it the rise and fall of the temp will spoil the food. it's best of the mre's are kept ate a almost constant temp and to do that you need to atlest put it 2' maybe 3 feet.
  8. robfindlay

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    This will be in a secluded area of my backyard, no worry about Vehicles but I think insulation definetly.

  9. robfindlay

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    Starting to think keeping an old beat up drum in the garrage lining it with solid plastic and using that stuffed back in a corner.

    It's a detached garage, water never freezes so it never gets down to freezing but stays well below 60 in the winter. Problem is in the summer it gets hotter then you know what, so it would have to be moved each spring.
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