MRE Recall, Dairy Creamers "Bad"

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    HEADS UP!!.

    MRE, are in a Recall status. Due to Dairy creamer being bad With Salmonella???.

    Did a Rough GOOGIE search, to post better linky. found one.. I am sure lots more will pop up, with updated info. Or search more into the Fed section of it.

    one linky:

    I Received notice last night. will post some highlights from it. (heck, I just Licked & stick the whole Thing [​IMG] )

    Will put note, on the cases I have.. to Toss creamers ONLY. with Today's date.

    CUT & Paste info.

    If you or your area uses or stores MRE's - Please read the following Message and act at once on it.

    Department of Defense Hazardous Food & Nonprescription Drug Recall System - July 1, 2009

    DO NOT CONSUME MRE and UGR-E Dairy Shake Powder
    The Food and Drug Administration has determined a Minnesota dairy cooperative may have shipped nonfat dry milk (NFDM), fruit stabilizers, whey protein, and gum products potentially adulterated with Salmonella sp. to their commercial customers between June 2007 and June 2009. NFDM from this cooperative is known to be an ingredient used by manufacturers in the production of MRE and UGR-E Dairy shake Powder, Fortified with Calcium and Vitamin D.

    Facts: Three manufactures of the MREs we have through the National Interagency Caches and procured through the General Services Administration

    • Ameriqual Packaging
    • SOPAKO Packaging
    • The Wornick Company
    Ameriqual MREs that were manufactured on or after April 25, 2008 are GOOD
    SOPAKO MREs that were manufactured on or after March 28, 2008 are GOOD

    Unknown at this time: The extent of the Lot Numbers from the manufacturers that may be impacted is still unknown. The Defense Logistics Agency is working toward identifying all potential lot numbers and will post this information to a web site in the near future.

    Immediate Action Individuals: Other than the MREs specifically identified above DO NOT CONSUME the Dairy Shake Powder found in some of the MREs. Open the Dairy shake Package and dump the contents into the trash.
    The rest of the MRE is safe to consume.
    Do not open MREs in mass and remove the Dairy shake Powder as this can compromise the shelf life of the remaining items.

    Immediate Action National Interagency Caches:
    Determine current inventory that is clearly good based on the above MRE dates. Place a sticker on the Box of MREs that include the Dairy shake Powder that should not be consumed stating such. Place a sticker on the Box of MREs that are safe to consume the Dairy shake Powder to alleviate any potential confusion.

    The General Services Administration is working through their inventory and determining their stocking of safe to consume versus unsafe and will attach a sticker when shipping that they are safe to consume. They will not release any inventory that is not safe.

    Upon receipt of additional information concerning specific Lot Numbers by manufacturer the National Interagency Caches will reassess their inventory to determine if additional MREs are in-deed safe concerning the consumption of the Dairy shake Powder and communicate this to the field.
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