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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by CATO, Jul 28, 2015.

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    MSR is good stuff - I've been using a Firefly since the 80's and it still works like new.
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    I agree MSR is good stuff. Have cooked hundreds of meals on a MSR Whisperlite stove I bought atleast 25 years ago as well. HOWERVER, the stove above is not made by MSR, just the little pot in which it's resting inside is made by MSR.

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    Been using the MSR Alpine two pot set for many years. At least 10-15 years. I can't even remember. Other than some scorching, which adds character, it is still going strong. That little fella is cute. Wonder how it compares with a Zebra billy.
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    @Airtime is correct. The MSR pot is just the vessel you carry the other goodies in.

    Check out the site and you'll see: NEW 12oz Scout Back Packing Light Weight Camping Stove Cooks on Twigs.
    Carry the Stove, NOT the Fuel.

    The tech seems to make this more efficient at heating than other similar stoves. I have a Vargo Ti stove . . . if I buy the Scout, I'll have to do a test on how long it take s to boil some water. Steve Harris knows his stuff though. My guess is, he knows exactly how much heat this thing can put out down to the joule and has not problem putting his name behind it.

    The Ti Vargo for comparison
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    The wood gas stove is not new. But is it really cool. That one is really nice. But you can build one on the cheap with two cans. I made one years ago. Mine is really crude since I made it with my Swiss Army knife. Wanted to see if I could. It works great. But is is a little bit bulky. Like carrying a can. That's why I prefer the Emberlit. Smaller and lighter and it folds down flat for easy packing. Not a wood gas stove, but it is a wood and multi fuel stove. I am willing to sacrifice the wood gas performance for the small compact size. It will fit in a back pocket. At least the Fire Ant model. The other models are a little bigger, but will fit in a cargo pocket and be less than a quarter inch thick.

    On my crude wood gas stove, I think I got two cups to boil within four minutes. But it was years ago, so I don't remember exactly. I drilled out the holes using the awl in the Victorinox Farmer. And I used the can opener to make slits in the larger cans rim to slot the smaller can inside. I think the Snow Peak Giga Power stove was 2-3 minutes. But it has been a while since I actually timed them so old man memory... I think the Emberlit takes 5-6 minutes. A canteen cup and canteen cup stove takes 10+ minutes. But you know, things will vary. Such as your wood, the wind, if you have a cover, etc... But all acceptable.

    Funny, I like the pot best in the set up. Go figure...
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