Mueller’s Convictions in Question

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    The FISC [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] admitted in a secret order that at least two of the spy warrants against Carter Page were not lawfully authorized.

    Presiding FISA judge James Boasberg wrote in a January 7 order which was not declassified and released until Thursday, that the last two FISA warrants on Carter Page dated April 7, 2017 and June 29, 2017 were not valid.

    The June 2017 FISA warrant was signed by former DAG Rod Rosenstein and Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

    Rosenstein signed the June 2017 FISA warrant a month after he wrote the memo authorizing the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller — and 20 pages of this FISA application are STILL REDACTED.

    Did Robert Mueller actually use information gathered in real time by the illegal wiretaps on Carter Page?

    If so, this could pose a huge problem for Mueller’s cases against Trump officials because the wiretaps are now officially invalid.

    “The final three-month authorization to spy on Page was signed nearly six weeks after Mueller was appointed, meaning that Mueller may have had real-time access to and utilized nearly five months worth of surveillance of Page during the course of Mueller’s investigation. If his office used any of the information in subsequent cases, the declaration that the final two spy warrants against Page were invalid could potentially nullify previous or future convictions sought by Mueller’s office,” Sean Davis of The Federalist wrote.

    The Federalist reported:

    Judge James Boasberg, the current federal judge presiding over the FISA court, wrote in his order that at least two of the four FISA applications against Carter Page were unlawfully authorized. Additionally, according his order, the Department of Justice similarly concluded following the release of a sprawling investigate report on the matter by the agency’s inspector general that the government did not have probable cause that Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power. The FISA law states that American citizens cannot be secretly spied on by the U.S. government absent probable cause, based on valid evidence, that an American is unlawfully acting as a foreign agent.

    In his January 7 order, Boasberg directed DOJ to retain and sequester all information and evidence relevant to both the Carter Page applications, the inspector general investigation of FISA abuse, and any additional DOJ investigations related to or spawned by the inspector general’s report. Boasberg told DOJ to provide all of the required information to the FISA court no later than January 28.

    “DOJ assesses that with respect to the applications in Docket Numbers 17-375 and 17-679, ‘if not earlier, there was insufficient predication to establish probable cause to believe that [Carter] Page was acting as an agent of a foreign power,’” Boasberg wrote, referring to the final two of the four FISA applications to spy on Page. “The Court understands the government to have concluded, in view of the material misstatements and omissions, that the Court’s authorizations in Docket Numbers 17-375 and 17-679 were not valid.”

    According to Boasberg, the DOJ is still assessing whether the first two FISA warrants on Carter Page were also obtained illegally.

    The first FISA warrant on Carter Page was obtained in October of 2016 and second warrant was obtained in January of 2017.

    Boasberg also said in his order that it is a federal crime for any federal official to “intentionally…disclose[] or use[] information obtained under color of law by electronic surveillance, knowing or having any reason to know that the information was obtained through electronic surveillance not authorized” by law.

    BREAKING: Spy Court Admits FISA Warrants Against Carter Page Were ‘Not Valid’FISA Court Admits Spy Warrants Against Carter Page Were 'Not Valid'

    — The Federalist (@FDRLST) January 23, 2020
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    "Inevitable discovery?"
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    Yes, yes...the truth is slowly coming out but you know what? It won't matter. No one will get charged and no one certainly will not go to the Jailhouse. They will spend millions of dollars investigating and they will hoot and holler but nothing will happen - nothing. It never does and it never will - never.

    What has come out in just these past few years is our highest law enforcement agency (FBI) is corrupt from the top down, you can have classified documents on a unclassified server open to the rest of the world (specifically our enemies) if you are the Sec of State (note: don't try this if you are simple peon citizen), Government agencies (the IRS) are used as political weapons against political opponents (Teaparty), Intelligence agencies (NSA) are used to spy against Americans without warrants or just cause, you can impeach an elected President on allegations only without proof or facts (so much for 'innocent until proven guilty') if you have the party votes, you can kill a high-profile individual in jail even while their on suicide watch (Epstein) if you have enough dirt on everyone, the Judicial system is either corrupt or as negligent as the rest of Wash D.C. as proven by the FISA court warrants and there is a lot more...but I am tired of writing...and who has been charged or sentenced for any of the few things I named?
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    My belief on this whole issue is this. Trump was not supposed to win the election. The fix was in for Hillary to win. So ,, how Hillary actually won,, with all of the Dems behind the scenes corruption, and illegal aliens votes being counted,, is really an unbelievable anomaly, in my opinion. But ,, because Trump won ,, all of these stories of spying , collusion , corruption, etc, etc ,, all of this FISA stuff,, Biden’s sons money deals,, Obama’s spying ,, everything that is legally in question now,, is all being exposed,, because,, Trump won. This would never have been heard of had Hillary would have won ,, like she was supposed to. But somehow,,, they screwed up and let Trump win. But now,, the wrong people ,, Republicans,, are where they are not supposed to be ,, and are finding all of this corruption,, that was being hidden by Obama’s, “ most transparent government ever” .. Somebody didn’t fix , the “ Fix “. So ,, my belief is this ,, as the truth starts coming out ,, and then the proof starts confirming the truth. It will be years before everything starts getting sorted out, and the pieces put together in place , to where we can actually see who was actually responsible for which part of the corrupted puzzle we are looking at. I believe,, by the time this gets sorted out,, if it gets sorted out,, some of these perpetrators will be dying off ,, and there will be no justice served upon them. But ,, I could be wrong. It’s been known to happen.
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    It's just a glorious waste of our taxes to fund these democraps agenda to remove Trump any which way they can, even if they have to lie, cheat, steal, or make shit up, it's been their number 1 focus since he first tossed his hat in the ring! Just wait till he wins again in November! Bunch of mary's!
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    Not a word about this on NBC Nightly. News... even during the segment on impeachment....Tainted news
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    @SB21 Well, if they screwed up and Trump won in 2016, you can bet they will do everything possible in their bag of dirty tricks to ensure he doesn't win in 2020. In truth, I fear they will try to assassinate him...

    I wasn't a big believer in the 'Deep State' and all those conspiracies but watching that video again and again and again of WTC building #7 collapsing and now after Trump...yep! It's real and I no longer have any doubts about #7, Kennedy or what could happen in the future if the cards don't fall in their favor...I think it will get real ugly too.
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    As always, selective enforcement of all things.
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    I'll be satisfied to just read the obituaries of a long list of these criminals when their time comes. One and all, they are the poster children for term limits in all branches of government. Their history will be known, since their make-believe legacies can only be supported as long as they can keep the truth buried. Too many loose ends, too many lies to try to pass on to the next generation.
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    Term limits won't affect those responsible for lying to the FISA court. If I were a FISA judge who was lied to, I'd be furious. Yet, not a peep. Makes you wonder if they weren't complicit.

    The FISA court is a dangerous thing. It has already proven to be a tool of abuse. It should be disbanded.
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    Just goes to show how mentally ill she is. She thinks she was wounded by others, more than her own failures and is just lashing out at a convenient target; like a dog biting the hand that feeds it.
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