Multi-Cultural Survival Event

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    In an experiment conducted by a leading University on multi-cultural Survival, three individuals were selected; an American, a Frenchman, and a Japanese, to be abandoned on a deserted island for one year. The American was placed in charge of providing shelter. the Frenchman was placed in charge of food, and the Japanese was put in charge of supplies. One year after dropping them on the island, they returned to find a very nice little house built on the beach. The American greeted them and showed them through the dwelling he had constructed using stone, logs, and hand-sawn planks. They were especuially impressed when upon reaching the kitchen, the Frenchman showed them his pantry filled with fresh baked bread made from native grains and cheese from a wild goat they had trapped and domesticated. There were garden fresh produce and smoked hams hanging. Out back, the Frenchman proudly displayed his organic garden and the pen with several feral hogs they had trapped. The professors were very impressed. They asked the where-abouts of the Japanese man? The American and Frenchman both looked down and said "We haven't actually seen him since the day after we arrived here."
    The professors insisted on mounting a search party and immediately upon entering the jungle, a gaunt, ragged, unshaven Japanese jumped from the underbrush and shouted, "Supplies!"
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    Ohhhhh, that is just bad---lol.
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    good one
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    That actually took me a few seconds to get it!! Must be getting old.
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    You velly bad man........ [beat]

    jk..... (y)
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    What's the matter you gleek plick you no speaka da engrish? ..[beat]
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    So solly, Cholly. I no unnerstan Engrish.

    That actually made me LOL. Great one.
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