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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by snowbyrd, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. snowbyrd

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    Being able to speak and/or understand a couple of lingos could be helpful in TSHTF senerios. I speak and read spanish and portuguse and also Am. Sign Lang. ASL. That is very helpfull if anyone else can. Has helped me at various jobs I have held? Yeppers, just not any more $. Sheesh, being multi lingual aughta pay more huh?[dunno] My wife and I were at a resturant (chineese) with my sis speaking spanish, the only one that understud us wooda been the cook. [tinfoil101] Thoughts? snowbyrd
  2. Clyde

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    When Colonel Klink rolls in wearing a blue helmet, I will play dumb....:sneaky:

    It could be helpful when listening on the radios if we were ever in an "occupied" state of UN control after a collapse. [angelsad]
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    I have a video iPod set up with 100s of survival videos courtesy of Bear.
    I also included the complete Pimsleur set of Spanish. You can find language CDs at the library. I rip them.

    Good idea and I was thinking the same way. Spanish is more than likely the first we will need. At least learn how to say "The pretty girls carrying Ganga ran that way."
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    My wife teaches sign language. She has been teaching me and some of my friends signs that we can use to communicate silently. Her and my daughter communicate across the room.
    I can see where it would be a very useful skill to have.
  5. snowbyrd

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    survival spanish

    uno mas cervaza porfavor. donde esta el bano. comede, carne, papas o freholes. one more beer please where is the bathroom food, meat,potatos or beans what more do you need?[booze] [touchdown]
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    About all the spanish I know will get me a beer, knifed, or an evenings entertainment --
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    My daughter is a medical assistant and Phelobotomist for a group of doctors who are paying for her college level spanish classes. None of the 4 doctors in the practice speak the language and they are getting more and more spanish speaking patients
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    My spanish is rather broken, not that great and kindof rusty by have had enouph jobs where it was the language spoken by most or all of my co-workers that I have learned enouph that if they speak as much English as I do Spanish then we can generaly comunicate fairly well. I definatly know enouph to get slaped, something to drink and to tell someone off even if they only speak spanish. lol Then I also speak a VERY little bit of German, French, Latin, Lakota (almost exclusively woman speak since the males and females each have their own distinctive dialects but a few words/phrases of man speak as well), and Cherokee.
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