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    Video on sites shows stuff...

    Lehigh Defense's stacked multiple projectiles provide more hits per shot.
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    (Photo: Lehigh Defense)

    More hits per shot. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? But as with anything different, some folks will try to poke holes in the idea (pun intended).

    Lehigh Defense’s Multiple Projectile ammo is pretty cool in that it offers a stack of machined copper parts, which nest within one another inside the cartridge case to form one bullet-shaped mass. When it’s fired, the pieces separate once they leave the barrel, creating a shotgun-like effect on the target.

    (Photo: Lehigh Defense)

    To me, this is a pretty good idea. Why punch one hole at a time in a bad guy when you can punch several at once — increasing the odds of rapidly neutralizing the threat.

    The video below shows a guy shooting some of the ammo, demonstrating the multiple hits. Interestingly, though, his final shot on the first target seems to only punch one hole. All of the others put multiple holes in the targets.

    Watch: Lehigh Multiple-Projectile Ammo -
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    This idea has been around for a very long time, and has yet to be proven very effective. The differences in density, between Copper, and Lead, are significant, as well as the Muzzle Energy imparted to each of the separate disassociated Projectiles. Then there is the Air Friction on Multiple Projectiles, of less Mass, but with the same Ballistic Coefficent, and that assumes the all the multiple Projectiles do not start tumbling in the first 10 feet.... look at the Physics, carefully....
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    I just don't see it being effective over more than 50 feet, and don't see it spreading out a whole lot in less than that. Kinda like stacking dimes in a 12 ga.
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    Just a new look to an old gimmick! Remember the 12 gauge loaded with $1.80 in dimes? pretty much the same deal here, good to maybe 30 feet, and less then lethal much past 10 feet!!! The first slug might be good further out, but the sheer size and weight of the stack would make this pretty slow moving! Intresting idea, but no thank you, I will stick with 230 gr of .45 thank you very much!
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    We used to call that ''Buck shot'' Can still be shot from The Judge!
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    Looks an awful lot like this......meant to be fired from a Judge

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    About 25 years ago I was reading a gun magazine and saw an ad for a .38 special load that put out 3 projectiles each time you fired. They gave the total projectile weight (250 gr), and the velocity (850 fps). I thought I could more or less duplicate it in a .357mag.
    I loaded a 110 gr hollowpoint in top of a 148 gr hollow base wadcutter to about the same velocity. At 25 yards, they would stack vertically, about an inch apart. I had a lot of fun with those loads.
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    That's what I' like about a revolver, each cylinder can be loaded differently .
    I have no particular pattern I load in depending on the environment I am going.
    A bullet configuration such as this, might be suitable for replacing what I might other wise load a shot shell.
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