Multiple Scenarios For Survival - Good Article!

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by Watchman220, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Don't mean to rain on anyones parade, but this was just posted yesterday by Dragonfly at 1:53am under General Survival. Thread title was "From JWR survival blog"
    It is a good article, but it might not hurt to peruse the current posts before posting. JMHO of course
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    We'll take 'em twice rather than not at all. When it gets to a dozen --- :lol:
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    Sorry Ghrit. I guess I am just being a picky grumpy olde phart.
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    :lol: What difference does that make? Believe me, I KNOW grumpy and I KNOW olde. Now go pump out your house and get organized --. (Yeesh.)

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    I like redundancy....
    I must, I have been married so many times!
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    Sorry about the double post. I do try to peruse the forum before I post. Apparently not thorough enough. I'll work on that.

    This article really tripped me out, because it is not they way most people think...
    Heck...most people don't think beyond food at the grocery store...not to mention possible cannibalism.

    I would hate to fall in with that survival crowd...I would just shoot myself and tape an eat me sign on myself. Hehe.
    Ok maybe not...but the thought was funny.
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    Having spent a great many summers with my grandmother in my younger years...
    I was told of stories, of things which she had seen in the Great Depression era.
    I was taught at an early age, there are priorities in life:
    1) food, grow a garden and care for and protect it, it may save your life.
    2) be as generous as you can and help those that have little or nothing (she never knew about a thing called "Karma".)
    3) "loose lips, sink ships" was her favorite saying....( opsec to us today!)
    I was told about the eating of horses, and then I was told of the most grandiose of taboo's: Cannibalism.
    I was told, I would see this again in my life time.
    Now being this was told to me when I was 9-11, and I am 58 today, I felt relatively safe and secure that this would NEVER happen .
    I hope, dare I say pray?
    This NEVER happens......
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    I'm not quite as old as you, but I have spent time with my grandparents. Only one is still alive, amazingly enough she is the one with diabetes, lost one eye to cancer, blind in the other eye, etc.

    But she can still tell stories of yester-year. One that sticks in my head, always, and I don't know why is of eating the fat off a ham. My Grandmother was one of 9 kids, and sometimes by the time she'd get to eat, all that was left was the fat from the ham. So, she'd take the fat, put it on bread, along with ketchup and have a "fat sandwich". Made me cringe, but my mother had to explain how when her mom was growing up, times were so lean that would have been her dinner.

    I hope it never comes to that in my lifetime, but it just might. Prices of groceries are starting to skyrocket. I'm doubling the size of my garden this year, heck, may even go bigger if I can get the room. Hopefully we'll get plenty to can and preserve.


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