Multiple Use for Maxi pads

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    If you have women in your life then you should be prepping these. If you don't have females in your life then you still should be prepping these. Many think of bartering whiskey & smokes but what about maxi pads?

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    I really like the use as a shoe pad. Your feet are so important. Keeping them dry plus padded is a key thing. I have seen people put a band aid on the back of their heels when breaking in new shoes/boots. I use a mini pad. Just trim it, stick it to the back of the shoe and it gives much better padding then a band aid.

    Following is a video of a man who gives his opinion on Israeli bandage vs. maxi pad & ace bandage. My opinion below.

    Yes, he makes a great point on cost effectiveness but there is no pressure point when using the maxi pad/ace bandage. Though you probably could use something for pressure.

    ** I have the Israeli bandages in my first aid bag and I also carry the maxi/mini pads & ace bandages. If a wound is bleeding but not needing extra pressure then I would use a maxi or mini pad.
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    I used hospital size Kotex sanitary napkins as part of the air filtration on my diving compressors...always enjoyed going on a shopping trip for them, women kept advising me that what I wanted surely wasn't what I was sent after.
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    @melbo has paddock full of feminine products.

    Sometimes you can pick these up in the clearance isle at grocery stores. Brand doesn't matter . . . buy them all. These are definitely something to barter with if things ever got that bad.

    If it never comes to that, when you're 70, start hanging the other variety on your Christmas tree . . . at least you can get a kick out of the $$ you spent. Stick the pads on the grandkids for protection.
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    LOL! @CATO.

    @Seacowboys us women tend to be helpful when we find men in the unmentionable aisle. :)
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