Murderers Caught

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    Some of ya'll will remember back about two years ago, a friend and co-worker of mine was murdered while we were on a salvage job in San Pedro de Marcoris, D.R. I just returned from the D.R. on another salvage project near Puerto Plata and the Government official that was in-charge of the investigation was present and I learned from him that the culprits were apprehended, tried, and sentenced to life without parole. I was particularly taken with the investigative technique employed by the Dominican government. They began with the neighborhood where the murder occurred by shutting down all the businesses, including electric service, sewage, water and imposed a curfew that lasted until sheer hunger brought witnesses out of the woodwork. Extreme pressure both ecconomic and physical was brought onto anyone that might even be related to someone that had knowledge of the crime. This led to the community applying pressure on the culprits to step forward. I don't think a lot of attention was devoted to habeas corpus and I am not one to believe the end always justifies the means but the letter that I am presently writing to Veronica Rheim, young widow of my friend, Jacob, and his child, may offer them some peace.
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    Thanks for the update SC. It is very good news and I know it will bring some comfort to his family. While we live by the benefits and consequences of our constitution, other countries have the luxury of exercising the tactics you mentioned. When it results in justice, we celebrate - but injustice we condemn.
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    I remember the event well, if memory serves me correct the young man was on his way back to the boat from a meal. I am glad they caught those that were responsible.
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    Too bad they don't have the death penalty there. Or if they do that these two didn't get it.
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