Music And Sound In 432 Hz Versus 440 Hz Explained

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    This is going to be a rather deep and even spiritual discussion, possibly more philosophical in nature or just plain old fun. Please try your best not to start quoting religious text and reference religion since this topic is not centered on that and such ideas are best suited for the audience in our religious section. =)

    First, take the time to listen to a couple samples before reading anything on 432 Hz. I am linking them below for your convenience. These are only two of my favorites which, I believe can convey the idea very well:

    The concept:

    THE IMPORTANCE OF A 432 Hz MUSIC >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds

    I challenge everyone to take the time to listen for themselves and decide if this suits you. Some people enjoy their favorite music in 432 Hz (yes, even Pink Floyd sounds really good). The particular study of this is called "Cymatics".
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    Brokor, I listened to the first video and liked it. Jumped to your link and scanned it. All that is okay and nice, but what is missing is a normal what would be considered calming or pleasing song, but in 440 htz to compare. Ideally same song, same singer, basically samo samo except one at 432 htz and one at 440 htz. Otherwise, how can we really compare. Head banging so called music at 440 htz against what you provided would be no fair way to compare. ...... jus sayin
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    Good idea, man.

    432 Hz:

    440 Hz:

    432 Hz:

    440 Hz:

    Give that a go. Can we trust they are actually in 432 Hz? The only way is to make it yourself perhaps. Can the differences be easily detected? I am guessing not. With music that has lyrics, it's easier to notice the change. The idea, as explained in the links I provided has more to do with emotions and perceptions, how it makes us feel. I guess only trying it out for yourself can offer any solidity. It's not all based on hokey voodoo, it's science. Kinda cool, really.
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    Vibrational energy in the form of sound can manipulate matter, to what extent remains debated.

    My absolute favorite music, Enigma. In 432 Hz -- it's pretty awesome. Actually, either 440 or 432, it's awesome. Anyway.

    432 Hz:

    A different Enigma song in 440:
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    I know for sure that flashing lights/strobes at certain frequencies have triggered epiliptic type seizures in individuals. So if it works with light, why not sound. Further, if certain types of head banger music at 440 htz really works up the masses that partake in that kind of thing, what would happen if their favorite stimuli were all changed to 432 htz? Would the prior effect be reduced or nulified? All of this might be interesting info to have on hand for physc ops
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    I listen to Enigma 24/7. I used to meditate to it, too. Out of all my affections for music, from classic rock to classical and back to modern heavy metal, I always find myself clicking on the Enigma playlist. Of course, I own every song made by Michael Cretu (Enigma), even his silly 80's rock music, which is kinda bad. He did well with Enigma, though. =)
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    Exactly. What I find amazing is the sand or even water with cymatics.

    Imagine how that may effect your brain with some headphones? Any music has an effect. It's amazing, really. And the Egyptians knew a lot about vibrational energy. So do the Freemasons, apparently.

    Now that's along the same lines, but also very intriguing. Using magnetism and/or sound energy to move large objects, or some type of ethereal hokus pokus --whatever.
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    Interesting concept. First a little background. I was a Rock guitarist for almost 25 years. I played in both 430 and 440 tunings. 430 was not that much easier to sing in really. It is just a half step down. It is simpler to just change key to save those vocal chords. I also sang Rock, Blues and even a brief stint in hard core Punk. Back to tuning, If a song was written in A and you tuned to 430 it would be in A flat Easier to just tune in 440 and play the song in G . I never noticed any difference in reactions to either tuning. What drives Rock and roll is the repetitive drive of the bass Guitar and Kick Drum. Volume also plays a huge part of Rock music driving people into a frenzy. If you want to see the frenzy stop just put 4 guitar players on the same stage. Without the drums and Bass even guys like Buckt head are boring after about 10 minutes no matter what key they play in or tuning they use.

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    Kingfish Chuckles. I thought you would enjoy that LOL. But seriously 432 is just a half step down from 440 and today there are bands tuning all the way to a full octave below A . With the invention of the 7 string guitar which in corporates a low B STRING WHICH THEY DETUNE TO A That is a full octave below A 440. Listen to this ZZ TOPP Cut . My old Band used to used to play this tune and the bass is almost flaccid its tuned so low. A full octave below 440 A . By the way 440 hertz is the lowest "A"note on a traditional guitar or 430/432 but meaning the A Note. 430 is considered A Flat.

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    Here is an experiment that you can do by using a freeware DAW known as Audaucity. You can take any type of music CD that you have, rip any song in a WAV format, then run those songs through Audacity. Go to the "Effect" button, drop down it's menu and then chose "Change Pitch". You will get a small pop up that will enable you to change the pitch of that particular song.

    As Kingfish has stated, Going from 440HZ to 432HZ is a half step down in tune. I have played around with Boston's first album and the song "More Than A Feeling" does sound tonally richer when played back through Audacity a Half-step down.
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    I am going to have to give this a shot and see.
  16. RouteClearance

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    Be forewarned that this will make the vocals sound slow. Best to try this with instrumentals songs with no vocals.
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    Had to quote it....this deserves to be on page two!!

    I shot diet pepsi straight out of my nose when I saw that.
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    I have a couple of older tape players that I can slow a tape down to 430. Lots of 80's bands tuned a half step down so they could hit the highs in A and In E. Keyboard players never had to worry about half steps as they have a full octave below 440 on their keys. However My wife can tune her Kurzweil 2500 or her Korg Triton extreme down just by digital control. This way we are all playing in the same modes when I tune down. Lower pitch is always bigger deeper and warmer. What really brings out passion in music is Reverb. Reverb is the ambiance created by sound being played into a large room and then recorded and the recording played along with the original sound. This was first done with springs then Anolog delay and now digital. Some recording studios even used large live rooms with a speaker at one end and a microphone on the other. The voice is played through the speaker and recorded at the other end of the room and then added to the original voice track using an audio mixer. Here is beautiful reverb recorded by Chris Isac. Listen to the voice and the Guitar how it shimmers with live ambiance.

    This was in A440 TUNING .
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    Actually, the first reverbs were created with large steel tanks(Echo Chamber), Duane Eddy recorded Rebel Rouser with his amp speaker attached to one end of a large used water tank, and the recording mike was placed on the other end.
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    Yes same premise as a reverb room.

    Chamber reverberators

    The first reverb effects created for recordings used a real physical SPACE as a natural echo chamber. A loudspeaker would play the sound, and then a microphone would pick it up again, including the effects of reverb. Although this is still a common technique, it requires a dedicated soundproofed room, and varying the reverb time is difficult.
    Those were rooms, tanks, tunnels etc.

    The British spring was pretty cool. I used one in Bedrock recording studios in Flushing New York City in the 80's. It was a tall cylinder with fine wire springs inside. Today its all sampled sounds. My wife's new Korg Triton does some amazing things and even has sampling ability.
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