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    If you get a chance...check out Corey Smith...and the song that comes up on MySpace...

    "Stand Our Ground"...

    Some boys from Georgia that someone turned me on to a while their song, "Carolina"....(that one is on his website )

    Think I may have to order the CD's...

    and the description cracked me up...

    "Corey is what might happen if you threw Jimmy Buffett, Robert Earl Keen, Donkey (from Shrek), Bob Schneider and a few shots of whiskey into a blender, poured it into one of those 64-oz. traveling mugs that might last long enough to get you to the state line on the most insane road trip of your life (we're not promoting drinking and driving here) -- and you're listening to Corey's music the whole way. Sing-a-long. Off-kilter. Edgy. Honest. Real as a paper cut. Funny as a fart in church." - John Jeter -


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