Musical whimsy or useful survival tool?

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    The humble recorder (Blockflöte) Recorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia may not rate highly among lists of recommended survival supplies and equipment, but the ability to creat music with simple instruments does, I would suggest, have survival value.

    The recorder is a relatively simple instrument to learn, such that young children can produce a recognisable tune, and it is an instrument that lends itself to ensemble and orchestral use.

    In the words of one of the competitors in the ABC's Recorder Romp Competition: Recorder Romp Competition

    Here are Youtube links to some of the competitor's performances.

    Note that these recitals haven't been recorded in a professional recording studio, so the sound quality may not be fantastic, but the love of music that imbues their art, certainly compensates. : )

    Marryatville Primary School

    Cranbourne Salvation Army Recorder Group

    Ballarat Grammar School

    Perth Recorder Orchestra

    Four Winds
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    music is a very important part of life
    whistles, lutes, lyres, drums and banjos are also easy enuff to make
    and it wouldnt hurt anyones craftsmanship skills to learn how
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